Tuesday, October 31, 2006

From the mouths of 'babes'!
I have the awesome privledge of leading a group of 10 & 11 year old girls in our Sunday school which is called 'Promiseland'. We work from a syllabus created by a church in America. It is a wonderful way to work as all the leaders work together with the same theme. Some of the leaders do drama and our praise and worship is awesome, the kind that I enjoy where you have to do all the actions to the words. More than often, I outshine the children as I become a wild child for God.
Then we have our small groups where each leader gets the chance to interact with their little ones on a one to one basis. I have an A5 hardcover book which is used for notes and lesson previews which I do in the front of my book. In the back, I get the girls to write their prayers for the week, requests that I take home and pray about. I wish you could see what these girls write, straight from the mouths of babes. Their childish sincereity is enough to cause tears in most. The best part of this, is that although I pray for them, God has already answered the prayers that are within His will, as the girls wrote them down. How awesome is that? When I check up and ask about their week , so often they tell me that the problem has gone, confirmation that God has answered their prayers. We then give thanks.
Lord Jesus, thank you for allowing me a time of sharing Your way with these young girls , for giving me the opportunity to love them and enjoy them. Father God, please give me the ability to plant seeds for You, righteous seeds that would grow in these girls and never stop growing. I pray Father God that You would bless all the little children of the world, and give them all the chance to learn about You. Thank you Lord for our children, may you give us all the ability to love them according to Your will, in Jesus name I pray, amen.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Acknowledge and........He WILL within His Will!
As you would have read further back, we are the proud owners of two adoreable cats and one dog. Well, the two Zimbabweans, (Simba and Misty), are home bodies and never try to wander away. In fact, Simba does not really venture across our borders, he stays very close to home. And Misty, being a dog, does not jump onto walls and over to the neighbours. However, Kiara, the South African, thinks he rules and does what he pleases.
In June 2003, my precious baby cat Narla, (also Zimbabwean), was attacked by the next door dogs and consequently died. He was a wonderer of note, always out and about. He was a wonderful cat, my affectionate and loveable little shadow, who loved me more than anyone. Sadly my love for him often overpowered my love of God. I believe God took him to remind me of my priorities, to acknowledge Him before any other. It worked because I drew strength from God as I mourned my baby. Narla leaving us reminded me who should be first in my life, Jesus Christ.
Kiara was born into our family in 2004, a cute little white bundle. I thanked God for him and now when I see Kiara, he reminds me to pray, to acknowledge my Father God. Kiara wonders just like Narla did, and about two months ago, he was badly beaten and landed in hospital for three days, a human attack according to the vet. I prayed that God would cause him to stay at home, to not wander and guess what, my prayers have been answered. Kiara spends all day at home now and will only sit by the gate at night, it would seem that he no longer wonders. Our God is a faithful God, an awesome God and for as long as you acknowledge Him, put Him first and pray within His will, He WILL answer your prayers.
Proverbs 3:6
"In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths."

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Trusted or Busted!
Its a fact, if you compulsively tell lies, you will often forget the details of your initial lie and will end up changing your story. The mistake here, is that the people involved in your falsehood probably know each other, which poses a problem for you. They might talk and tell your story and will realise that they both know about it, but will hear the variance. In so doing, people will learn of your deceit. I knew once of someone who took it upon themselves to take property from a deceased estate, with three different stories to three different people as to how they had claim over it. Busted!
When you are honest, your story will remain as it was first told because the truth prevails. You will be notably trusted and will probaly have a lot more friends because it is easier to get on with honesty than it is with deceit.
So, the moral of the story here is this, truth enpowers strength, deceit enpowers weakness. Which one will you choose..........?
Trusted or busted!
Ephesians 5:6
"Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience."

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I’ve been there and done it all
And have the caps and all to show
But even though I can now stand tall
Cause all my past I chose to let go
I changed to live a life with my Lord
As I surrendered all my burdens and pain
He heard me cry and removed the sword
And with Him close I feel loved again
So if you need a new lease on life
Away from the ugly past you harbour
Ensure to hand over all your strife
To your loving creator and Father
He promised to always be there for you
As He just loves to forgive our sin
He will guide you in all that you do
As you trust to no longer lose but win

PSA 37:3
“Trust in the Lord, and do good”

Friday, October 27, 2006

Do you sometimes feel like you're being left out for no reasonable reason? Like you are of the same group but on the outside without even a window to look in? Well, then you are clearly being persecuted if you are best friends with the same guy I am, Jesus Christ. I feel alienated but I have read since in the bible that God calls it persecution. The more I read the more I realize that knowing God is never portrayed in the bible as a bed of roses like so many believe. On the contrary, knowing God and putting Him in the centre of your life means that you are on the hairiest, scariest roller coast ride ever known. Reason being, is that all the evil forces of this world are suddenly going to grab a hold of you, and try and bring you down. The temptations are ones that hit our weakest points, ones that cause us to sweat as we obediently refuse to go that road again. Phew, its difficult to say the least. But I know that I will go even further than required, if I have to, because I am looking forward to my reward at the end of it all. I am looking forward to the treasure trove that God has promised, a new life filled with treasures made up of peace and love and honesty and harmony and gentleness and patience and self-control and so on. God's way is my way and my only way forward!
Matthew 6:21 (NKJV)
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Isaiah 40:31
"But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings
like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not be feint."

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Is He with you.......?

.........Or are you alone?
What is it about man that you are afraid
That you behave like them of the world
Why do you lie and hide in the shade
As evil arrows at others are hurled
Why do you behave to cause such pain
When you’re aware its deceit you support
What pleasure do you derive and gain
From the venom in a dishonest report
Do you recall the day you were saved
The day Jesus forgave you your sin
Do you remember the pain He braved
To override evil in the hope of a win
And even though He sees you falling
He watches and hopes you will turn
And as He waits to hear your calling
He prays you’ll choose life over the burn

Phil 3:11
“Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the mutilation!”
Copyright Reserved

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Judge not!
If you are honest, you will admit that you have judged or mocked others before, I have! I bet you've sat in shopping malls and watched people walk past and made comments like, wow, "she clearly did not brush her hair before she came out", or, "he looks like he's wearing his PJ's." Those are mild compared to what most say I'm sure. It's easy and seemingly entertaining to laugh at someone else's expense, especially when they are not aware of it. Although this does not hurt the person in question, you must ask, would you like it if others were laughing at you behind your back...., I don't think so. I'm guilty of doing this, once I called a girl I was angry with Miss Piggy. I said she looks like her and is as fat as her. At the time I was slim and comfortable with my weight. Believe me there was an almost instant consequence to my unnecessary cruel words, I started putting on weight for no reason. I was convicted by visible conviction which caused immediate repentance. The bible talks about looking at the plank in your own eye before you tackle with the speck in others, I think the same goes for mocking . You judge, you mock, you pay, simple!
Matthew 7:5 (NKJV)
"Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brothers' eye."
Lord Jesus, help us to love as you do, and to treat others we know and don't know, with respect and not dishonor. Let us know Father God that judgment is yours not ours. Help us Lord to judge not, amen.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Trust me!

When we live our lives according to our will, we inevitably fall a lot, and sometimes we cause others to fall too. You know that saying, “What goes around comes around,” well, it’s for real, trust me. There are incidents in my life that I am not proud to talk about, incidents that I would rather lock in a lost, and never to be found again, cupboard. It’s true in addition, that for every action there is a consequence, and often, when we live without God’s lead, that consequence can be harsh. Trust me, I know, I have been there, and it’s not pleasant at all. God does not punish us because He is a loving God, however, if we live out of His will, He allows us to fall in the hope that we will turn to Him for help. I did just that, and my miserable existence changed to a real life with God. However, just because I have put God in control of my life and Him first, does not mean that I have fallen away from the consequences I earned, on the contrary. I still pay for the life I led, but instead of it being endlessly painful, God helps me to understand the why’s, and fills my heart with understanding, and a deeper love and desire to live for Him. I live according to His will to the best of my abilities, and because of that, even when I do falter, because I do, He’s there to catch me, trust me. Living according to God’s will is the only way to live, that’s if you desire a real life. I am there, in that place with God right now, and loving it, trust me!

It’s true what they say in life
What goes around comes around
So why not save yourself the strife
Of doing bad when it will rebound
Rather sow good into all that you do
And benefit from the wonderful return
You will feel happiness shine through
And a love for peace you will yearn

Isaiah 32:20 (NKJV)
"Blessed are you who sow beside all waters”
©Copyright Reserved

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fear What.......Fear Not!

2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)
"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."
A sound mind is a happy mind, a peaceful mind and definitely a wise mind. You may ask how do you go about establishing all these awesome emotions. Well, I know I've achieved mine through obedience, obedience to God my Father. I used to live in a world of fear, I was scared of every imaginable scary thing, be it walking, crawling, big, small, the dark and much more. I woud lay in bed at night and would not sleep for fear of whatever you can imagine. I drove everyone around me insane and would often drag them into my pitiful pit of fear too, so I had another set of eyes peering over the edges watching nothing, but still just watching. I would pray for peace but would ultimately hang very tightly onto my fear, it was mine, so as God stretched out His hand to take it, I would pull it away like a child saving their sucker from another's choppers. I could never maintain a stare without flickering my eyes around , fearfully checking for the unknown. Then I was told once that God's will for me is peace , not fear, that my fear was being instilled by evil forces. So I went home and prayed for God's will of peace over me and, wow, I slept through that night and have done since. I believe this time round I felt comfortable enough to let go, now knowing His will. I still fear, but my fear is now healthy fear because I fear God my Father. Fearing my Lord Jesus Christ causes me to be wise through obedience which then fills me with His peace, which takes away the fear of the world. So now it's not a case of 'fear what' but rather 'fear not', because God is with me.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Listen Up!
There is good reason to listen to what I have to say, because I need to share what I call instant answer to prayer. No, God did not build a pool in my garden overnight, even though He could, and no I still have the curliest hair in my family, and no I did not wake up this morning looking like I had an extreme makeover.

I am married to a man who has never really taken to family quality time, like playing swingball or swimming and playing marco polo, or going to the beach or taking the family bowling etc. This is by no means a fault, merely a choice, a choice that I respect because its his perogative . During his relax times he prefers to sit in front of the TV and watch his favorite programs which basically seem to last forever. So when I ask him to join us and he says, "ok, I'm just watching my favorite program," you can imagine what the result is. Although he has many other qualities that make up my love for him, I do sometimes wish that he would join us.

This morning whilst I was busy praying, I specifically asked God to soften his heart, to fill him with a desire to spend quality time with us. Well. I could not believe it when he came back from a hard morning at work, his first words were, "I've decided that we are all going to sit out by the pool this afternoon, swim and just be together whilst we braai." My jaw immediately dropped open and I let him in on my morning prayers. I gave thanks for instant answers. I had to laugh as I imagined God realized how much I wanted this and just threw it in as a bonus with all my other answered prayers. Oh our God is an awesome God, a God who loves to spread happiness, love and joy. He certainly made me happy today.

So, the reason for the picture of the pool, that is where we are swimming today whilst we enjoy an early braai together. What more could I ask for?

You must endeavor to say a prayer
Before you start each new day
For God loves you and does care
An He'll be with you all the way
1 Peter 5:7 (NKJV)
"casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you."
Copyright Reserved

Friday, October 20, 2006

Memory Lane

Today brought on sadness, feelings that I do not enjoy because the pain grips my whole being, opens up my sensitive heart and reveals the open wounds of sudden loss all over again. We drove up the long winding roads that led back close to the place where God took my brother Les. I recalled the night so clearly, the part where we were on our way to the function and then the opposite side of the highway, the road I drove back on after seeing my brother for the last time. I recalled the phone call from my twin who was with him at the time, the repeated high-pitched helpless screams, telling me that Les was dead. Then the long haul back only two hours later to witness my brother’s lifeless body fully covered under a silver blanket. Then to my sister who was standing in the cold night, clinging onto her cigarette, shivering and shaking out of control, both of us holding onto each other, sobbing aloud in total disbelief. I remembered holding onto my brother’s cold and lifeless hand that was lying outside of the blanket, as I prayed for God to be with him. Then the silent drive back home, save for the sobs and sniffles. Then back on the same road again to lay a wreath at the site of the accident. It all came back, a harsh and extremely painful reality check. However, I managed to hold back my tears because I realized that I needed to call on God my Father. I called for Him and asked Him to be close, to comfort me. Almost immediately, my thoughts deviated to other avenues and after a while, I realized that I was not thinking about the ugliness of that night anymore. God had replaced my hurtful memories with other thoughts. He reminded me about truths of that night, of where Les is because of the choice he made about two hours before he died, he was taken home after giving his heart to God. Memory lane can be dangerously painful but if you have God alongside, He will endure that pain for you. Although I miss my singing partner, my cowboy brother, I know where he is because of God’s comforting message on that tragic night.

Memory lane can be a scary reflection
If we dwell on the sad the bad and loss
Reminiscing can distort future direction
If we continue to hold and gather moss
So come now let’s only remember the good
And look forward to any trial or tribulation
Let us understand to be understood
That in Jesus there is hope and jubilation

“For You are my hope, O Lord God”

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I'm sure I'm not the only mother that can brag popularity with her children, not always but very often. Just the other day I overheard my daughter arguing that my chocolate cake is the best in the world and the other child was defending his claim of his mothers fame to chocolate cake. Its a wonderful feeling which causes me to want to do more to please to earn more praise. My sons in the UK also reminisce on past years as they recall moments and put me up on a pedestal, its awesome to say the least. I am so happy that I am a mother because I believe that it must be the best job ever. Now imagine this, if my three children can cause me to feel so wonderful, just think how awesome God must feel when we acknowledge Him as our Father and praise Him. He has millions of children and I believe the more we praise Him and cause Him to feel popular, the more He does for us. He loves to be praised and thanked for His wonderful works in our lives and the more you acknowledge Him the more He will do for you. So when you're feeling popular, don't forget to pass that feeling onto our Lord Jesus in thanksgiving because without Him you would not be popular, its because of Him that you are.

Revelation 7:12 (NKJV)
"saying: "Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom, Thanksgiving and honor and power and might, Be to our God forever and ever, Amen."

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

It's more a feeling than a knowing!

There is so much upheaval in our world today, war, disease, natural disasters, man made disasters, starvation, famine and so much more. However, one big issue of disaster is religion. There are many different religious groups and all believe in what they believe and what they believe is very real to them. Its like me, I believe in Jesus Christ and what I believe is very real to me. What I can't understand is why must people fight, why can't we just all rather pray for one another in love. It's like having a room full of people from different walks of life, why would they even consider fighting just because they are different? There is no need because to get on is much healthier and would make this world a much more pleasant place to live in. I like to watch children and how they interact with each other. Have you ever watched? There is never question about color, religion or race, they just get on with it and love each other without condition. Why, why can't we just live and let live? Imagine if we all rather prayed for each other, for peace, for unity, for harmony, for goodwill, for friendships and pure goodness. It would not matter who your God is because if we all prayed for good things and against bad things, this world would be heaven on earth. Imagine if we all got on, if we all accepted each other for what we are, how awesome would that be? I know what I believe in and I claim Jesus Christ as my God, my loving Father. With me it's more a feeling that a knowing because I have such joy and peace in my heart, peace and joy I did not have before I made Him my best friend. What I feel is what I would love the entire population in this world to feel because it is so good and extremely comfortable and enjoyable. I feel His presence, I feel His love, I feel His warmth, I feel wonderful changes in me and I feel joy in knowing Him. Isn't that what life should be about, feeling good?

Oh my Father, my God, knowing you has changed my life.I thank you Lord Jesus for saving me from the wrath of the unknown, for setting me free from the fear that gripped me, for forgiving my sins, for causing me to love the unloveable, for giving me a deep desire to pray for the lost and hurting world and for loving me without condition. Thank you for answered prayer and Lord I pray for this world right now, that your sovereign hand would reign over all nations as you bless them with the fruits of the spirit, safety and health. Fill all our hearts with love for each other as we all strive to make this world a better place. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

"knowing that whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same from the Lord, whether he is a slave or free."

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Do they get it?

Without a doubt, God is my author, I am merely a chosen writer. Before I write I normally pray that I would hear God speaking and that I would write His words as per His instruction. More than often when I read through what I have typed, I can't believe what is written which is clear confirmation that the message came straight from the Almighty. I always find that God gives me the ability to feel the message He has given me so that I can understand it and portray it clearly if the need arises. I know too that although the work may be published and thousands are reading, it may be that only one or even two may be touched and desire to find the truth like I have. There is work that I have written, poems that I have already witnessed working in lives, resorting people to tears with desires to get their lives in order. It is the most awesome feeling knowing that I am a instrument for God, that He chose little me to write for Him, what an honor. Then there are those that read and truly need to accept the message but then change it to suit themselves. This distorts what God has said and the impact on the intended lives may then be cancelled out. The question is then, "do they get it?", clearly, no they don't. I put this down to evil forces trying to manipulate what God is in control of, but although they may win initially, in the long run, they will always fail because God is mightier than any force known to man.

Matthew 3: 11 (NKJV)
"I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire."

Monday, October 16, 2006

Use not Abuse!

When I pay insurance premiums, I believe in using the service if the need arises. For example, our geyser burst and was leaking quite badly, I called our bond insurance and they organized a plumber and paid the cash up front for the service rendered. In actual fact, we funded the service because we have paid up monthly premiums. That's how Insurance Companies work, you pay and pay and pay and when you need them, they become your hero when you have no monetary means, that's why you pay them, a kind of security facility. Its a comforting convenience that many enjoy. However, there are those that abuse the system, those that cause our premiums to increase because of their consistency to drain the system dry. This brings me to the use and abuse of God our Father. I absolutely love to use God within His loving will. An example is, we had a late requirement with a service company, we should have phoned for collection on Friday but were not sure if the job would be complete. When I've tried to call for the same day collection before, they have not been able to collect. This morning was one of those times. On this occasion, I put God's answering to the test. I prayed for His compassion, that He would instruct the supplier to collect. I then phoned and the supplier politely said, "no problem, we'll collect today." This almost immediate answer resorted me to tears as I gave thanks for His awesome compassion and lightening response. I know that when I ask within His will that He will never let me down and the more I give thanks and praise , the more He seems to want to give. God spoils me with His love and is never too far when I call on Him. I could easily abuse His faithfulness by expecting Him to answer for everything I ask and then not give thanks. However, I don't believe for one moment that God would adhere to abuse, He's too street wise. Do you use or abuse God's love?

Father God, I pray that you would guide us as we seek answers in different areas of our lives. Lord Jesus I pray that we understand your will and know that for as long as we pray within that, you will answer in love. Help us to learn form your word what you require from us Lord so that we do not mistakedly abuse you. Teach us Lord to use you as you use us for your glory. Thank you for your ears Lord, for hearing this our prayer. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


A utility to me is an absolute necessity. I could not live without water or electricity. Can you imagine how people in the stone ages must have struggled? Although they knew no better so struggle without these utilities was not a topic of conversation for them. But, I'm sure if they were without fire they would have surely called this a struggle. They did not have the technology that we live with today but they did have a roof over their heads, being the caves they lived in. They had tools to kill their animals for food, which they were able to skin and thereafter make clothing. They made fires by rubbing sticks together. They lived near water resources and enjoyed untouched plantations with loads of natural fruits. They may not have had fridges and stoves and washing machines and vehicles and so on, but they also did not have the stress that goes with all these gadgets that are so necessary in our lives today. They had so much to be thankful for, but, were they like so many today, did they gives thanks, or did they just take it all for granted? Where do you fit in, do you take your utilities and all you have in your life for granted? Do you ever sit and wonder how come you are blessed to have what you have after seeing beggars in the street with nothing, knowing that they have worked just as hard as you have? Have you ever given thanks to God and reaped His appreciation for your acknowledgement? If not then just try, give thanks for everything, even the air that you breathe, you will certainly be richer than you have ever been before. God gives us so much and deserves our appreciation. Don't you want to give more when someone thanks and affirms you, well God is no different. Make Him the centre of your life, thank Him for where you are today, for everything you have, and watch His response, you will never look back and will appreciate your 'utility' filled life like you never have before.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Gee thanks!

I'm sure you've said those words before, maybe not like that but you have said thanks. I find myself saying thanks all the time as not only was I brought up with exceptional training in good manners, but I find it satisfying to say 'thanks'. I love to see the looks on peoples faces when you acknowledge them for doing something good. I like to affirm them with pleasing affirmations too when I say thanks. You can also hear their voices smile if you are on the phone, its awesome. I believe its the chemistry I feel when thanks is given in sincerity and love. When people are acknowledged for their help, they tend to generate appreciation back to you for noticing what they did. This is how God works too. When I give thanks for all the big and little things that He does for me, I can feel His rewards by the way He does more and more to cause happiness in my life. The more He gives the more I thank and so it goes around and around and I just love it. This is a prayer of thanks, a prayer that I would like to share with you:

Thank you Father God, for being one step ahead of my every move. Thank you for speaking up for me against all evil, for being my voice and my saving grace. Thanks for forgiving the ungodly actions of my flesh after I ask for your compassionate forgiveness. Thank you for loosing the fruits of the spirit into my heart when I ask Lord and for helping them work within me. Thank you for protecting me and my family for being the driver of our vehicles. Thanks for the income which enables us to tithe, feed our family, drive our cars, pay school fees and other bills, visit doctors, and all the extras. Thanks for our health and the abilities we have, our awesome gifts and Father God, most of all, thanks for sacrificing your son Jesus to save us sinners from the dungeons of Hell. Thank you Jesus for your blood which cleanses us, thanks for being a faithful shepherd to the end. Thank you Lord for you whom I love so dearly. Amen.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Awesome Revelation!

You have probably read about my brother Les, who was tragically taken on the 22 December 2005. You would have read that I have not turned on the local radio station since that date for fear of hearing the songs that we sung. The only music I have listened to is gospel, which I have found very refreshing and definitely spirit lifting. I have numerous gospel tapes, most of which have been given to me by a friend at church. Then I have some other tapes that I've had for years, older looking tapes, tapes prepared by my late mother and sister, of poorer recording, which has caused me to keep them at the bottom of my pile. My mother was a strong prayer warrior for her family and had a close relationship with Jesus and was instrumental in my salvation. She loved her Father God very dearly and would often remind me that Jesus loves me too. Although I knew this, I did not grasp it as I should have because even though I had given my life, I still held Him at arms length. I clearly did not have what my mother had, the joy, the peace and the free love of Jesus Christ. She had surrendered her all to him, something I had not. I still held onto my fear of man, my lack of trust
and all my bitterness. Then last week whilst I was setting off to drop my daughter at school, I reached into my centre console and chose a tape and happened to pull out the one that my mother had recorded. Curiosity caused me to insert it into the deck. It was then that I experienced an amazing truth. My mother introduced the music and as she spoke, I understood her heart for the first time, I understood the amazing love she felt for Jesus, I understood her undying faith and her unquenchable thirst for more and more. Her opening prayer was so sincere and so very deep. She died on the 31 January 2003, and although I was already a practicing Christian, I did not feel what she did. I sat in my car and sobbed as I realized I was now where she was then, and I could not even pick up the phone to share this awesome revelation with her.

This is a poem I wrote for her after a harsh reality check:

I've never felt so afraid
Cause I've known you're always there
I guess that's the way we're made
To worry we just don't care
Then suddenly reality becomes real
And God slowly takes you away
I don't know what to feel
As I need you with me to stay
But I know you're going home
To a place where you'll be free
And although I'll feel alone
I'm happy with where you will be

EPH 2:8
"It is the gift of God"
Copyright Reserved

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Relax, be inspired by God's truth...,
The world so full of destruction
Different persons so full of hate
But your work is under construction
Although some still choose to debate
I know where my heart is Lord
And with You is where I'll stay
We'll join forces and calm the sword
And tell people of your wonderful way
You created the heavens and earth
And the birds in the trees that sing
The winds and the waters to surf
All the joys of love You did bring
Thank you Lord for your creations
Which are all so wonderful and sweet
They make all those bad temptations
Oh so blissfully easy to beat

PSA 103:4
"Who redeems your life from destruction"
Copyright Reserved
...wrap yourself in His peaceful beauty ...,

Have you seen the wind in the trees?
And felt the gentle breeze
Have you seen the raindrops fall?
And felt them on you crawl
Have you seen the sun so bright?
And felt the warmth of it's light
Have you seen the weather changing?
And felt your temperature rearranging
Have you seen the colors of a rainbow?
And felt the joy as they shimmer and glow
Have you seen our God above?
And felt the beauty of His love
Have you?

PSA 48:8
"As we have heard, so we have seen"
Copyright Reserved

...understand where He wants you to be!

Imagine if we could see
All the things we should be
Imagine if we could capture
All the creatures of nature
Imagine if we could absorb
All the wonders of earth's orb
Imagine if we could feel
All the love that's so real
Imagine if we could touch
All the things that mean much
Imagine if we could hear
All the good that comes near
Imagine if we could taste
All the riches we waste
Imagine if we could save
All the good we behave
Imagine if we could see
All God wants us to be
PSA 24:1
"The earth is the Lord's, and all its fullness"

Copyright Reserved

A short anthology of truth, peace, joy and beauty, praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ to whom I give all the glory for His awesome works!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The frustration of writers block is beyond mention, it can resort you to punching the wall behind you resulting in bleeding knuckles to remind you for the next week how bad it was. (not really, you just imagine it..., I think it would be too sore and I don't like pain that much). You prepare to sit and write and then ....then....blank. You start thinking about everything else but what you intend writing about. What shall I take out for dinner, or its coffee time, or I need to change the color on my nails and so on. Then you get like a jump start shock and realize that you have been out of it for some time. This happens sometimes when I am praying too, my mind just wanders off in places that have nothing to do with my prayers at that moment. My pastor suggested that we all keep a pen and notepad close by whilst praying for times like this. Then you can pause and write down, collect the cat food or take meat out for dinner etc and then continue with your prayers, knowing that you will no longer forget your to do's. I have tried it and it works well. I do the same if I am away from my computer, I try and write down thoughts. However, this is the part where I talk about 'frustration'. I'm behind the wheel of my car in heavy traffic, my cell phone is in a pocket that I am unable to reach. I have a thought, an amazing idea for a writing project but am driving so can't write, my cell is unreachable so can't record, and when I get home I have forgotten completely what the amazing idea was. It was a bestseller kind of thought, a million copies a day kind of situation...gone...like the wind. This resorts to punching the wall with both hands so that you have bleeding knuckles by two hands and now a double reminder for another week on how frustrated you were. The morale of the story, don't think and drive.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Failed or Foiled?
In this case, both.
I am on a mission for God and every which way I turn I find myself acting out His works or teaching His word or writing for Him or attending church services or fellowshipping with my cell group or just listening to my gospel music or singing the songs I write for Him. But these are common results of my attempts to achieve my goals. The children don't pitch for rehearsal, the teachers are too busy to assist me, I have a migraine and am unable to teach or go to church, everyone needs me at the same time so I am unable to concentrate on my writing and when I do fatigue sets in, the galvanising company is sending a new guy so I have to wait for him and miss my cell group, the tape deck in my car is tired, causing the tapes to stretch and I'm too tired to sing. Phew, get down and stay down is what I often feel like doing and more than often these interfering situations cause me to moan and groan. But because I know I am under attack, that Satan is not enjoying my lifestyle like I am, I am almost always able to keep standing. Sometimes I allow these mishaps of evil forces to get to me, causing blankness in my mind which inevitably creates an inability to pray immediately. However, nine times out of ten, my defense is to get praying and then I get on the phone and organize for the links in my prayer chain to join up and wham, God steps down in front of me and Satan is foiled, his nasty attempts at bringing me down, failed! I have learnt through experience that if you call on God, (Jer 33:3 NKJV), He will be there for you. He is our Father and protector and for as long as we honor and worship Him, He will answer all our calls for help. He loves us so very much and enjoys knocking Satan out of our face. Never fear with Jesus near because with Him close Satan's nasty desires will always go down as 'foiled and failed'!

When life seems out of control
And nothing is going right
When bad things are on the roll
And you feel you want to fight
Sit back and gather your mind
Get a hold on God your Father
It's solace in Him you will find
As its peace in you He would rather
So don't fret all on your own
And live in unorganized mess
Cause God won't leave you alone
As He takes your turmoil and stress

PSA 29:11
"The Lord will bless His people with peace"
Copyright Reserved

Monday, October 09, 2006

DIVISION! ...... Lets kill it with prayer.
This is such an epidemic in our world today. I see it so clearly in my own family and then when I listen to other family stories, it is an actual scary reality all around. In my family, there are members whom have given their lives to God but for some reason, their behavior depicts different, as if they have claimed their lives back. Evil forces have seemingly weaved their way into loop holes and weaknesses, totally unnoticed, causing consequent havoc. Often I feel angry pangs and start thinking how good revenge would feel, how to see them squirm for their hateful behavior would satisfy me, then it happens, God convicts me and fills my heart with compassion. He gives me illustrations of these poor helpless lost sheep, sheep that He wants back, that He has never let go of and lays claim to. I see them suddenly in a completely different frame and the pity within me grows. This is the kind of illustrations I see, them sitting on the ocean floor, heavy chains laden over their helpless bodies, chains that harbor seemingly unbreakable padlocks. I see them gasping for air, looking painfully miserable and reaching out with no idea where to reach. They see no light because the evil one has blinded them from the truth. They do not hear God calling because again the evil one has caused them to be deaf to His voice. God reveals to me the truths of where these lost souls are, in a place that they don't really want to be. He speaks to me about how their actions are not their own, how Satan uses them for his own evil demises. He fills me with compassion and a deep desire to pray for them, prayers of sincere love and desperation for their return to Him. We are His children, His creation, He needs us to be His warriors, His shepherds, children in whom He can trust to help Him bring in those that are lost, so that they can be found in Him. He holds the keys to their hearts and we need to help Him to bring them in closer so that He can unlock them and set them free into His presence again. His pain for them is severe and we need to be instrumental in relieving His pain, after all, look at what sacrifice He made for us, His son.

Luke 15: 6
"And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and neighbor's, saying to them, Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost."

I pray to you our Father God, that you would fill us all with compassionate hearts, hearts that are willing and able to pray for your lost sheep. Lord, help us to love those that we feel don't deserve to be loved, fill us with Your grace Father God. We desire to honor Your will Lord Jesus and not the will of our flesh. Save us Father God from the arrows of the evil one, be our shield Lord and lead us in our prayers as we become your servants of obedience. Help us Lord to behave in such a way that they would see your light within us and thirst for the same. Thank you sweet Jesus for using us, Your humble servants. We give you all praise and glory as we ask that you bless us all in our walk with You. Amen

Sunday, October 08, 2006

On the 12 March 2003, we packed up our lives into our two vehicles, our caravan and boat and headed south to start a new life. It was not through choice but rather political pressure in a country that we were struggling to survive in.
We have to watch our backs
When we leave our home
Cause we're prone to attacks
And we're scared to the bone
This kind of life is horrid
Do we really want to stay
Either way it'll be morbid
If we remain or go away
And the reason for this
Is cause we love our home
So do we stay without bliss
Or go away and feel alone
Whichever way we go
It seems we'll never win
So don't follow the flow
Follow Jesus, your best kin
1 Kings 18:21
"If the Lord is God, follow Him"
Copyright Reserved
We moved into our new home on the 6 May and after being in Durban for 2 1/2 months, I had not yet found a place of worship, a place like I had enjoyed at home in Zimbabwe. I had attended a church called 'River of Life, a charismatic church which was alive and vibrant, the kind of church that I loved to be a part of. Without fellowship, I became smothered in self pity, bitter and twisted, reminiscing on my recent past pains, my boys leaving for UK, my mother passing away in January, us leaving our home, the death of my precious cat, leaving my emotional father in Zim. I had started taking on every part of my life on my own again, I forgot to include God. Fear and all the baggage I had carried for so many years were now more prevalent than ever. I yearned for my wonderful friends but sadly they too had all left their homes and were now scattered around the world. I felt so alone as I built a wall around me, shutting out even my loved ones. Then I met one of the most wonderful ladies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, a missionary from PappaNew Guinea. Our daughters were both new students at a Christian school. We met in the carpark and hit it off immediately. Joy became my spiritual mentor, my encourager, my listener and God's disciple. Her and her family are truly a family after God's own heart as He holds the centre of all their lives. She was instrumental in my membership at the church I currently attend, the church that has changed my life as I found God again and allowed Him into my life like never before. I let go of my baggage and now walk every day with my Father God as I trust in Him to take my troubles and fill me with His peace.

Life can be such a milestone
When you do things all on your own
You’re uptight and continually moan
Because you feel that you’re in it alone
But guess what you don’t have a worry
If you turn to our Lord and pray
Just repent and be truly sorry
For the bad that you’ve done on your way
He’ll touch you and let you know
You should trust Him in all that you do
And He’ll be with you wherever you go
He will always and forever love you
And as you surrender your all to Him
In pure faith and untainted trust
Just know He will cleanse all your sin
As you learn life with Him is a must
So don’t do anything without our God
As His blessings will enrich your life
Pray with faith in your prayers out loud
And know happiness will be yours, not strife

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”
Copyright Reserved

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I'd like to introduce you to our control freaks. Simba, who is older and a Zimbabwean, is the black and white cat. Kiara, who is South African, is the white cat. Both are manx cats and both know that they have us twisted around their little paws. They are delightfully gorgeous and know how and when to look ever so cute. Just like any other cat, they laze around all day doing nothing and then at night they work hard at getting as many "ah cutes" or "ah sweets" as possible. They give themselves up for as much kissing and cuddling we require and then they let us know they have had enough and that it is bed time . They then take themselves off to bed, it is so adorable. Without a doubt, they rule. Then there's Misty, our Cocker Spaniel who would like to rule. Misty is a Zimbabwean too and has seen better years. She is totally deaf but has a good nose for good food. She is such a loyal old girl although her best form of attack would be sniffing you to death. She is so gorgeous and knows it. Simba and Misty came over from Zimbabwe with us and two other friends, Pepe and Narla. Narla was our other Manx cat who had the misfortune of being ripped open by our new neighbor's dogs. He was alive when I found him, in their back room where they had left him in a tin bath, but because his intestines had been exposed for approximately 7 hours, poison set in and he died two days later. Then my 14 year old Maltese Poodle Pepe had a stroke and developed a cancerous tumor so we had no choice but to terminate his life. Both these losses caused much anguish but we give God thanks for allowing us these cuddly creations. I have learnt through these sad losses that above all, God must be our first and foremost love, otherwise, He may create situations to put Himself where He rightfully belongs, causing pain but more so, a much needed reality check. This poem was written as I was inspired and in awe at God's amazing intricate creations. Can you imagine that there is no blade of grass the same as another, no leaf has identical veins and not one human is exactly the same. This realization is one that never fails to amaze me, how almighty and creative our Father in heaven is.

God made the snow capped mountains, which majestically line the horizon
He created waterfalls and fountains, which resemble bridal veils even when frozen
He made the grass and morning dew, that sparkle in the early light
He created night and each day anew, which are different but both a lovely sight
He made trees with umbrellas to shade, that cast shadows all over the ground
He created colors that never fade, that are so many and all around
He made different shapes in the sky, which are the clouds that stand proud
He created creatures that walk and fly, that all over the earth can be found
He made blue oceans that go so deep, that go around the world forever
He created little creatures that creep, that are scary to be with together
He made man as an image of Him, that can talk and walk and sing
He created perfection but sadly there's sin, which He will forgive if to Him you bring
God created a life eternal, which is a gift if you believe
He made Himself our Father maternal, as it was you He chose to conceive
So as He ordained your time of birth, as your wonderful and loving creator
He too ordained your fate on earth, so follow His will as your loving narrator
"The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord"
Copyright Reserved

Friday, October 06, 2006

Can you see the resemblance, well of course you can because we are twins? Yes, this is my other half, Charmaine. She is younger by 15 minutes, shorter and lives more on the wild side of life. Her and Les were very close and she had the misfortune of finding his lifeless body which had been thrown out of his front windscreen. He had already gone as he had sustained a break of his neck and back upon first impact, this is according to the autopsy. I was the one she called at 2.30am on the 22 December 2005, after having left them approxiamtely 2 hours prior. I will never forget that night for as long as I live. I answered the phone and she was screaming uncontrollably saying , "Cheryl, Les is dead, Les is dead, Cheryl please come, Les is dead". Her screams were high pitched, screams that gave me nightmares for a very long time. I lived with a heart of fear for many months until I was advised by a wonderful Christian lady that God's will for my life is peace, that the fear I was carrying was from evil forces. I prayed for God's will, against the fear I felt and my prayers were answered by the very next day. Our God is an awesome God, a God to be trusted, a God we can not live without because life without Him is not worth living.This is a poem I wrote expecially for Les and Charmaine, a prayer poem.
My Kin
Lord I pray today for my kin
That they repent of all their sin
And I pray for those dear Lord
Who choose to live by the sword
Please Lord take them into your care
And let them know that you are near
I pray they open their hearts to you
And start living as you want them to
Hebrews 4:12 (NKJV)
"For the word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword."
Copyright Reserved

Thursday, October 05, 2006

This is my brother Les, the second born in our family of six, in attire that he loved and wore most of the time when out. In the 1990's not sure exactly when , my mother was instrumental in bringing him to Jesus. He led a different life for a while but slowly took the easy kind of life back after experiencing a few hiccups from Chirstians close to him. He was looking for perfection, found faults and immedaitely felt that he was involved with hypocrites. He was in no way a bad apple, just enjoyed life to the fullest. Him and I were the two kareoke singers in the family and used to go to gigs together. On the 21 December 2005, we were at a function and during the course of the night he told me that he had given his life to God in the last song he had sung. Les did not talk like this so my first thought was, "hey, what have you done with my brother?" Two hours later on the 22 December 2005, God took him home after a horrific car accident. I realised then that God had spoken to me through Les, to let me know he was ready for him. God knew my prayers for my family and obviously needed to save my spirit from being forever unsettled with not knowing where Les was. From that moment on, to date, I never played my radio again for fear of hearing the songs we sang because the pain was unbearable. I only listened to gospel music which I find very refreshing. The pain of his sudden loss has been one that has lingered with much disbelief. Today, whilst I was organizing music for our play rehearsal, I looked at my CD's and decided to put them on. They played, I cried, they carried on, I sung, I cried, I sang again. Bottom line, a huge break through, I overcame a mammoth obstacle today, I took one step forward and although the pain was there, I did what I have not done since the 21 December 2005, I sang my songs, the songs I used to sing when I was with him. I would imagine that, could he see me, he would have been jubilant and relieved. Les loved singing as much as I did and I know he would have wanted me to carry on for us. This is a poem I wrote for him, a poem that describes him so clearly, a poem that I tearfully read at his memorial.

There were no conditions needed
As unconditional love he gave all
He had a loving aura that superseded
Any mountain standing proud and tall
He was a loving mischievous cowboy
Who never failed in sharing his love
He had a given gift in spreading joy
With pure attributes from God above
He had a heart that was larger than life
With not an enemy deliberately earned
He had no interest in quarrels or strife
As he chose peace over all anger learned
He worked hard and played the same way
And never failed in friendship with none
He lived life to the fullest every day
Without ever missing a measure of fun
He was such an awesome man so great
A son, father, brother and friend we'll miss
But God's happy as He ordained his fate
And promises that with Him Les is in bliss
"I will be his God and he shall be My son"
Copyright Reserved

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Its meet my children time. These to me are clearly the best gift of children ever, God truly blessed me. Starting from the left they are Cherise who is 12, Cheyne who is 19 and last but not least, Dustyn who is 21. Cherise who attends junior school, lives with me in South Africa and my boys live and work in the UK. They had to leave me prematurely because of politics and I miss them terribly. Before they left, I organized a surprise farewell. It turned out to be a well attended party and during the evening, I presented them with their going away gifts, suitcases for their Zimbabwean lives, and I wrote this poem, which I read out aloud over the microphone, a poem that resorted many in the room, including my boys and myself, to tears. It was one of the saddest times in my life and as years pass by without them, the pain of distance never fails to cut sharp and deep. I give thanks always for my children and am so happy knowing that all three willingly gave their lives to God and although they may side step, He will forever hold the keys.

Its time to say goodbye
Which makes me very sad
Please forgive me as I cry
As my heart breaks so bad
But I want the best for you
Both Dustyn and you Cheyne
So let go is what I must do
Even though I feel this pain
I pray happiness for you guys
In the place you're both going
And I hope that time flies
With holidays in the knowing
Thanks for all the years
That you've both given me
And although you see tears
My memories will always be
I love you both so dearly
And I'm going to miss you so
But I know that very clearly
See you again, I will, I know
Copyright Reserved
These are poems that I wrote about my children , my special gifts from God.

My Girl
You are my special little girl
I'm so happy you were born
You know how to twist and twirl
To avoid my loving scorn
I love the curls on your head
And your beautiful cheeky smile
I love you from morning till bed
For you I will go that extra mile
Matthew 9:22(NKJV)
"Be of good cheer daughter"
Copyright Reserved
My Child
You arrived as my special treasure
You created joy I could not measure
You gave me good reason to live
You never failed your love to give
You made me feel young again
You allowed me to be childish and insane
You took great comfort in my touch
You accepted discipline and learnt much
You made me laugh and cry too
You learnt to trust in all I do
You gave so many years so much delight
You made giving feel so very right
You are my child my greatest gift
You have all my love which will never drift
Matthew 6:21 (NKJV)
"For where your treasure is, your heart will be also"
Copyright Reserved
Child Of Mine
You came into my life so small
And tried to walk before you could crawl
You are my child that filled me with joy
With a face so mischievous and coy
I could never get enough of you
As you gave life a meaning anew
I used to sit and watch you sleep
And I was so happy it made me weep
I loved every moment watching you grow
Cause you're so special as you must know
There were times you knew you were bad
And I had to discipline which made me sad
You are my child and I am full of pride
And my love for you I will never hide
Proverbs 23:25 (NKJV)
"Let your father and your mother be glad"
Copyright Reserved

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Don't we look good together? I believe thats what God said when He decided that we are it, the perfect match, even though we differ in so many areas. Can you believe, for so many years I prayed for a partner who would love dancing and God gives me someone without a dancing bone in his body, eeish! I've had to learn over the years that it does not matter how specific my prayers are, if they are not of God's will they will not happen, Mike, my husband, is the proof in the pud. However, as different as we are, we share a love that was without a doubt, sent from heaven above. Although we were on different roads to begin with, God made sure to join our roads together to form one straight, a road that we can handle together even when we encounter sharp bends. This is the message that God gave me about marriage, how it should be for inevitable happiness.

Marriage is a two way street
Half way being where you should meet
Make every step you both take
Be together so as not to forsake
Understand you're not the same
Cause if not you'll both go insane
Give love and receive in equal
To ensure marriage is a happy sequel
Communicate togeher even in fighting
Cause making up can be very exciting
Remember none is better than the other
Cause if so it will create a bother
Share your passions and compromise
And allow each dreams to be a surprise
Never allow each other to doubt
So that the fire never goes out
Ensure that God is in all you do
Cause with Him you are one not two
Remember always follow the above
So that together you will forever love
"Marriage is honourable among all"
Copyright reserved

Monday, October 02, 2006

'Prayer to God'

I was having one of those days today whereby I had an assignment to accomplish but could not get it out in black and white, I had nothing to go on, my mind was empty. Then I remembered and realized why. I had not called God in on the deal so of course it would not work. So it goes, "Prayer to God, come in God, (I imagine Him on the other end) "Yes Cheryl, what's it today?"please Lord, I started again without you and have failed, any chance you could get here and help me now?" Again I can imagine Him swooping in saying, "I'm there already, you can always count on me". What an awesome God we have. Just call, 'prayer to God'.... and I promise He will answer.

This is a poem I wrote some years ago, a poem relating to prayer:
As my day started out anew
And I prepared to get ready for all
My problems they seemed but a few
So I never thought to give God a call
Everything seemed to be going well
As I got busy with my daily tasks
Then suddenly disasters began to swell
And I realized I didn't do as God asks
I now remember before I begin each day
To give everything to my God above
So now I never take a step till I pray
As I know he'll guide me with all His love
"Ask of Me, and I will give you"
Copyright Reserved

Sunday, October 01, 2006

This is a picture taken at our home in Durban by the poolside, as you can see, I depict a sense of coolness after taking a much needed dip on an extremely humid summers day.