Monday, September 06, 2010

Sudden Death!

In Zimbabwe when I was about 26, I was driving towards a traffic light in the pouring rain. My vision was poor so I had to reduce my speed for safety precautions.

It was a two way street, and it handled all the big truck (container carriers) traffic (we don’t have highways in Zimbabwe, the biggest is dual carriageways).

I was doing about 50 km and was slowing down as the lights were red for me. A huge truck, going in the opposite direction, passed on my right, and a little boy ran from behind the truck right in front of me. I swerved to my left, away from oncoming traffic to try avoiding him, but he ran into my swerve and I hit him. It happened so fast. My bumper hit his head and he died instantly. He was 7 years old and was on his way home from school. His mom was a single parent.

There was no charge; it was recorded as an unavoidable sudden death. It was clearly not my fault but an incident that still haunts me, especially when I think of his grieving mother, God be with her.

Lord Jesus, I pray for this boys mother, and any other parent who has lost a child so young. Comfort them Lord, and allow them to know that with You, there is peace for their little ones, and a free gift of eternal life with you in Your Kingdom, in your name I pray, amen.
About and Out in Street Ministry!

I walk and spread the good news of Jesus Christ on the streets of Durban, with ex-prostitutes, who have turned to Jesus, girls who know the streets very well with lots of wisdom of who, what, where, and how.

They have very sad stories, and have shared that most of the prostitutes out there, are managed by pimps, who stand back and watch them from the darkness. The pimps openly beat on them if they get caught talking to street evangelists or any other that is not a paying customer, and the girls are so very nervous. Regardless of the weather, they have to be clad in skimpy clothing to attract their sexual abusers.

They are driven by the drugs their pimps intraveneously feed them. They are locked up all day in a room, and obviously sleep from being tired after working the night before. The pimps wake them once it is dark, and send them drugged up onto the street for business. If the pimps see us, they demand for us to get away, which we do for the safety of the girls.

I had an angry pimp come for me once, and I was not really scared, because an invisible aura around me, obviously kept him at a safe distance. (I also had fellow Christians around me, one of whom took my arm and moved me away from the guy).

On the streets you don’t see many girls amongst the street kids, because from as young as eight, if they are found, they are taken immediately into prostitution. Their own brothers sell them for money or drugs. It is so very sad to know the abuse that happens in this world, to innocent poverty stricken children, or children born into sick religious sects.

Sweet Jesus, please take these poor people, and place them in the paths of evangilists who can share Your Awesomeness. Soften and prepare their hearts, to receive the truth of who You are, and the free gift of salvation that you offer. In Your name Jesus I pray, amen.

Psalm 82:4
Deliver the poor and needy; Free them from the hand if the wicked.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

God Given Time!

My mom died when she was 66 and I was holding her hand when she took her last breath.

Just the other day I was telling my family that I wish I could go crawl into my mom’s space because she just knew how to make things right. I still miss her so much and she went home to Jesus in 2003.

I treasure the time we were able to share during her last months and we bonded so much. We knew she was going to go, and watching her pain kind of helped me accept that her going home was the best thing. It hurt so much watching her suffer.

I must say, that even though her suffering was absolutely awful, God gave us special times that I treasure, unlike my wonderful brother and nephew who were both killed instantly in car accidents, no time for special goodbyes. I struggle so much still trying to deal with their sudden loss because there are so many of those ‘if only’.

There are none with my mom, because God blessed me with wonderful moments and His gracious time. However, I do not wish the suffering of terminal illness for last goodbyes upon any; all I pray is that everyone knows Jesus so that we can all meet in the streets of heaven one day and rejoice in our new home, His Awesome Kingdom.

Thank You Jesus for being in control. For being such an Awesome loving God, who wants all His children to give of themselves to Your eternal Kingdom, so that we all may enjoy Your Kingdom with You. I pray for all those within my family, who have not yet given themselves to You, that they would be drawn to You, in such a way, that there would be no doubt in their minds that You are Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, and in their recognition of this, I pray that they would willfully give their lives to You, in Jesus name I pray amen.
For the Love of a Mother!

Have been having a somewhat restless time lately…, yes again, and I was crying and I said to Hubby, I wish I could get in my car and go and crawl in close by my mom.

When I was living in Zim, even back then, I suffered terribly with headaches. I would get in my car, go to my mom and she would know as soon as I walked in the door. She suffered with headaches too so she knew and understood the pain. She would lie me down on her bed, give me some headache meds, cover me with her blanket, make sure I ate and then tell me to rest. I cried for her again, it hurt so much and to think she has already been gone for 7 years and I still need her…sigh!

Take care of your mom, no matter what, she is the one that brought you into the world, changed those nappies, fed you from her breast, and loved you every moment that you breathed. Love her always and remember to let her know how much you appreciate her, before she moves on and out of your life.
He Stills my Pain!

My boys have been gone from me now for 8 years, and the pain still oozes big time. They left me at ages 15 and 17, from our Christian home into satan’s big pit of candy coated pooh.

It has been an extremely tough walk for them, and me, and still is, but all I can do is trust that God is in control. I keep praying that one day soon we will all be able to live in the same place again, which is probably why I am continually unsettled. I cannot settle which causes me deep depression.

They keep going through very tough times, and the calls with tears just break me down terribly. To hear them cry helplessly is just the worst.

I keep praying. What more can I do? Without the financial recourses to get to them or get them here, praying is my best option? God knows my heart and He sees what is going on and like he says in Isaiah 18:4 that He is watching, and for that I praise His name.

My hope is in my constant prayers. and I know that Jesus holds my heart and theirs whislt He works for them to find and follow Him forever. He is an Awesome God who will not fail to take care of His beautiful children, Dustyn and Cheyne. He knows how much I love them and He loves them way beyond that, praise His Holy name!

Isaiah 18:4
For so the Lord said to me, "I will take My rest, and I will look from My dwelling place".
With the Holy Spirit We Go!

This street ministry that I am involved in just gets better and better.

Another amazing night, a 21 year old prostitute who was initially very stand offish with me, eventually submitted, and allowed me to pray with her and she accepted Jesus into her heart. She turned from hard to soft before me and it was beautiful. Nearly two months down the road and she is still off the streets doing well in her new found life with Jesus in the forefront, praise His Holy name!

A taxi driver who was also stand offish like ‘get away from me’, also eventually submitted and allowed me to pray for him. He drove away with a huge smile and waved to me, and although he did not give his life, he willingly took literature that I am praying will touch him, and draw him close to Jesus.

I could go on with so many stories of joy and tell you how the Holy Spirit clearly goes with us on every street visit. Our streets are riddled with violent crime, but it is amazing how safe we all feel, with His presence that covers and leads our every step.

Acts 19:2
He said to them, "Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?"
I Talk God...not Religion!

I did it, the nail technology course I have been wanting to do for some years, and now I need to start gathering client's into a business I call , "Expressive Touch".

I am excited because I look at this new nail experience as a ministry tool. I will be able to hold onto people’s attention whilst I am busy with their nails, and gently bring Jesus into my work station space, and introduce those that don’t know him.

I was told by my tutor that I should NOT talk religion to clients', because it is unprofessional????
My answer to that is, “oh, okay, I won’t talk religion, I will just talk about my Awesome Friend, the One who has changed my life, the One I can rely on no matter what, the One who delicately and lovingly holds me His child close always, the One who I can walk with and talk with no matter the time or place, and He is faithfully there.”

To me that is not religion, it is fact, and I am an about facts kind of person. I will definitely not push Jesus onto anyone but I will pray for and grab opportunities to share what He has done in my life.

I fear chasing people away so will do all work for Him prayfully’ and carefully, amen!

Proverbs 18:24
A man who has friend must be friendly himself. But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
Dream On!

I would love to have a God driven coffee shop with a craft, writers, singers, and totally art driven aura.

It would be a coffee shop where patrons could make crafts, or write or sing whilst enjoying a wonderful cuppa coffee or a smoothie or milkshake with a nice piece of cake or a muffin etc. I would have a box with pens and paper in the middle of the table and invite people to write a short four line poem and the best poem at the table would get a free coffee and a place on the ‘poets’ board.

I have dreams about this place that would be filled with gospel inspired music sung by enthusiastic musicians and songwriters looking for a space to do their thing.

I could probably never own a coffee shop but how I would love to inspire someone who has the finances to open one that I and my creative friends could go sit to share and enjoy each others giftings.

Imagine a bible study in this atmosphere, wow!

Mark 9:23
Jesus said to him, "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes".
Still laughing!

Ha ha! I tell you what, I am still giggling at my last embarrassing moment which does not end there. I have round 2 of my bible study saga.

The following week, we arrived and I was feeling a bit strange looking at who might be looking at me, the panty pad girl. Of course, the lady who tapped me on the shoulder kept on looking at me and smiling, I politely smiled back. The night went well and I started relaxing as I felt no focus on me. It came to the end of the study and we prayed for all the issues we needed to. We came to the end of that and all said the “amen” that we normally do.

Then, when it was all quite, that awkward time when nobody knows what to say and everyone is stretching and getting ready to get up and go, I gathered unintentional attention once again, ha-ha!

I sneezed, ha-ha! When I sneeze in company I normally suppress the outburst for fear of having my nose fling unwelcome mucus. (This happened once in art at school and it landed all over my best friend’s work of art, awful to say the least, and I had no tissue)

I also take great care to ensure that all air valves are tight in case of bad wind escapes, because again, an embarrassing experience in a busy shopping centre has taught me well. Ha-ha!

However, this sneeze came and my mouth decided to exude a huge fart sound, ha-ha!. Everyone looked at me very fast and all stretches ceased immediately. Hubby shuffled uncomfortably in the chair next to me and I sat there with big eyes, once again, disbelief written all over my reddened face at what just happened, ha-ha! (oh I can’t stop laughing). Nobody said a word, not even “bless you”, and neither did I.

I sat there thinking, if I say something to defend myself they will all think I am lying, and by not saying anything I rendered myself guilty as clearly charged. Ha-ha!

We left the group and driving home we were distracted and I forgot to ask Hubby what he thought. The following evening when he came home I asked him about it and his reply was, “you did fart didn’t you?”

I burst out laughing and realized clearly that if he thought that then so did everyone else, ha-ha-!

What next? Ha-ha!
Laugh with me!

This is a story I share as one of the most embarrassing but hilarious moments in my life.

I am a mother of 3 and all my children were born of natural birth. My boys weighed in at 3.7 kg’s each and my daughter, who was 7½ weeks premature, weighed in at 1.2 kg’s. After these pregnancies came a weak bladder and as I get older I have to wear a panty pad every day just in case the weakness overtakes control, ha-ha! It rarely does but just in case.

I led bible study, and being the first time with this group, I really had fun preparing. I wrote a poem prayer and printed out the appropriate literature. After I completed my preparation, I was so hot and I ripped my clothes off, laid them on my bed, and put on my costume to go for a swim. When I was done I went to get ready. Hubby was now home and in the shower so I had to wait to get my clothes into the wash and my panty pad into the toilet. So I unstuck the pad from my panties and rolled it up and left it on the bed. I continued to get ready and once we were done we left for study. Of course I forgot about my clothes on the bed.

We arrived at study and I walked in feeling very confident and ready to lead. The host’s kitchen is a long one and the group, all 12 of husbands and wives were standing as usual on the one side whilst the host stood on the other side preparing the coffee and tea. I walked past all of them and met with a lady that was there for the first time, introduced myself, and then carried on to say hi to the dog. By this time I had basically done a 360° and was facing them all side on talking to the dog.

I suddenly got a light tap on my shoulder and the new lady, whispered in my ear, “you have something stuck on your shirt”. I said thanks and felt for it and pulled it off, ha-ha-ha!. Everyone could see in my hand and I stood in total shock, disbelief, just staring at this thing, ha-ha!. There in my hand was my panty pad, unraveled and looking just like what it was, a sticky panty pad. Disbelief took a little while before reality set in and I realized that everyone was watching me, so I rolled it up and said, “oh daughters”, and threw it in the bin. Praise God there was a bin right there, ha-ha!

Nobody said a word and there I sat leading the group in worship etc feeling like a right pad, ha-ha!

Have not seen anyone since then but will do soon, ha-ha! But through this all I realized that God is so kind, it could have stuck to my hand when I threw it away, or it could have been a huge sticky nappy pad, like the elderly have to wear sometimes, or even worse, it could have been a dirty pad. It was clean, small and it did not stick…it could have been worse, ha-ha!

I hope you all had a good laugh like I and many other women had! (I will never wear the same shirt there again…the pad shirt! Ha-ha)