Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Their loss..., not mine!

I write a weekly devotional and send it to all friends, and others in my email address book. On initiation of these, I suggested that anyone not desiring to receive this literature should reply with a 'no thanks'. One person did, my pastor from home. Nobody else did so I presumed that everyone else would be happy to receive a little inspiration from God each week.

Then as time has moved on, every now and then I get a hint from one of my friends that they are nice but!!!

I start getting agitated excuses like, "I know God but don't have to go to church to prove it", and, "God knows me and knows that I am a good person", and, "my mother is a Christian and I find her so annoying", and, "thanks but have not had time to read because I am so busy", and, the latest was, "please stop sending your 'church' mail because it clogs up my inbox".

The reality is, I don't need to hear any excuses because I am in no way offended if one does not want to receive my devotionals. Also I am not God and not open to judge. It is no loss to me if they reject messages given to me from God. I am only employed by God and am quite happy with my payroll. The person however who might be upset, is God Himself, because He loves the good news about Him being shared.

So, today as I sent out my weekly devotional, I gave an option again to unsubscribe. It will be interesting to see how many unsubscribe, and if some do then it will be more work for me as all who do will give me more prayer issues. Just means that I have to spend more time in prayer, praise God for that.

I kinda feel sorry for people who know God but don't spend time with Him. And I feel absolute remorse for those that have no interest in knowing Him, what a loss in their lives and how miserable and dark they must feel inside. Oh how we need to pray for them so that they may see God's awesome light instead of their dismal dark!

Lets pray,
Father God, I pray for those in this world that choose not to acknowledge you or spend time with You. Lord, I pray that You would fertilise the soil in their hearts and prepare for Your seed that needs to be planted there. For those receiving my devotional, Lord Jesus I pray that they would receive nothing but Your truths and love as they read them. I pray that the Holy Spirit would penetrate their hearts and keep the soil fertile as the seed grows into everlasting love and commitment for You. In Jesus name we pray, amen.