Saturday, October 10, 2009

He sends angels... does my Lord Jesus Christ!

The phone rang at 03h00 on Saturday 12 Septermber. The loud ring in the quiet of the early morning startled me, and for a moment I could only stare at the flashing screen on my mobile, whislt my anxious heart beat faster and faster. Who was it, what has happened, what can it be, was this bad news...again? After the early morning call during late December 2005 from my twin sister, one that told of the sudden tragic death of my brother, I was scared.

I answered, and as I did, I heard news that made my heart sink to my feet. Surely this was not true, I must be dreaming, I need to wake from this nightmare. But as I pinched myself I knew that the horrific news was for real. It was the same anxious voice from 2005, my twin sister was on the other end blurting the terrible and unbelieveable news...Cheryl, Curtis is dead, Curtis has gone!!!

Curtis, her 21 year old son was driving home in his VW with a friend after dropping another friend home from a night out. As he approached and passed through a green traffic signal at a four-way intersection, he was struck on his right driver side, by a racing ambulance that also acknowledged a green light from his side. Both sides bore green lights? The ambulance shunted the helpless VW sideways across the road causing it to ride up a traffic light, fly into the air, hitting a huge over-hanging branch of a tree, before landing on its four wheels ontop of the now fallen and terribly broken traffic light. Curtis did not have a chance of survival and slumped over his steering wheel, was declared deceased at the scene. His lifeless body was removed from the wreck, after the door was removed, and placed immediately into a body bad for passage to the mortuary. His friend in the passenger seat was alive and was admitted to ICU and is today recovering from his physical wounds but emotionally..., will he ever be fully healed after losing his best friend?
The funeral followed on the Thursday with an amazing attendance, evidence of the popular boy Curtis was. Obviously it was an extremely emotional time and one I pray that I will never have to experience with my own.
I wrote a poem for Curtis and spoke, as difficult as it was, at his funeral. I brought Jesus into what I shared with beautiful illustrations. I spoke about how Jesus only picks his best flowers in full bloom and how He must be fighting one heck of a war up in the heavenlies to be taking so many young men. I spoke of how gorgeous Curtis looked the last time I saw him in his work attire and could only imagine that he must look even more so in his righteous armour.

This is the poem I wrote for him, one I shared at the funeral too:

His character was bold and strong
The light and soul of many an event
And although he didn't stay long
Curtis won hearts wherever he went
He was such a mature young lad
Only just having turned twenty one
A strong willed boy but not bad
An amazing loving brother and son
He knew of trials and the ride
Of the life we all wrestle in today
But he took it all in his stride
Always finding and managing his way
And although he is no longer here
His memory will live on forever
Because always in our hearts he'll stay near
And to forget him we will never
Romans 14:28 (NKJV)
For if we live, we live to the Lord: and if we die, we die to the Lord

I don't know where his heart was with Jesus, and it's not for me or for any to judge or assume because God is the only Judge and the only one who knows our destiny, even for us who believe and hope for our promised eternal gift.
But what I do know, is that Jesus loves each and every one of us the same, regardless of the lives we have led and I believe that before He takes any home, he seeks our hearts one last time and offers us His Kingdom to share with him. I believe that Curtis was ready by God's will for the picking and I believe that God sent an angel to him before he passed away. And this I know because of a story I was told after the funeral by one of my sister's friends, a story clearly sent by God for my spiritual ears.
There was a guy unknown to any who was sitting in one of the back rows of the church near this lady. During the service, which by the way was definately heaven sent and submitted to our Pastor who was clearly annoited with the message he shared, this guy introduced himself. He apparently said, "I am a police reservist and I held Curtis before he died". Before she could get a name and number, he was gone and was not to be found again. How could this be when Curtis was declared deceased at the scene before he was removed from the VW. He was clearly an angel who was sent by God to allow us knowledge that our darling Curtis was not alone, he was with his angel who was sent by our amazing Father God who loves Curtis as much as He loves you and me, a love so huge and beyond our imaginations.
How wonderfully awesome He is, our Lord, Father and God.
Oh Lord, I want to thank You for loving Curtis the way You do, for sending his angel to hold him and to share Your amazing awesome love with him. And sweet Jesus, You can see the broken hearts that have been left behind and I just pray that Your hand would be over all his family to hold them and allow them to know and feel the unconditional love that You have for them. I pray that they would allow You to take their pain and replace it with Your amazing peace. I love You Jesus and I ask for Your continued protection over us all, in Your precious name I pray, amen.