Friday, February 23, 2007

Road rage!

Once again I was in the line of aggravated hooting this morning.

When I sit in bumper to bumper traffic, I normally keep about two car spaces behind the car in front and I make sure to keep all intersections clear for turning or verging traffic. I consider myself a courteous driver.

This morning was no exception to drivers who have no concern on the roads for anyone but themselves. Drivers who believe that the roads were made for them only and that anyone else using them are total destruction's who should be made aware of their intrusion.

It was a little red truck with a woman driver, actually a pool company vehicle with all the details splashed over the back and sides. Anyway, she became very frustrated with the spacing I keep and with the vehicles I was allowing through. We came to a straight and she decided to accelerate. With her truck revving, very highly, she started to pass me. I took this as exciting and I raced alongside her and then let her through.

I could just about see the smoke coming out her ears and she was swearing at me very badly with her fingers. This caused me to laugh and I started waving and blowing kisses to her. Wow, this made her more angry which I found even more amusing. We arrived at an intersection where I was turning and on passing her I hooted and waved, she again used hand signals to express how she was feeling. Her face was wrinkled and distorted as she frowned upon my attitude.

This seems to be a regular event in early morning rush and I find myself amused with the ability to smile but more importantly, I feel that prayers to convict them and deliver them out of their bondage of anger more appropriate.

They need prayers and blessings because drivers with such tempers have been known to take matters into their own hands and some may get hurt.

I know laughing is probably wrong as it triggers more anger but it is something I often can't help and I put it down to a nervous reaction. However, in saying that its wrong, I am so very happy that I am able to use the emotion that helps me to enjoy my day in a healthier and less stressed manner, unlike those drivers that for no reasonable reason, get so agitated with me. They should actually laugh with me, it would certainly help them and cause them a lot less stress.

A message to all of them from me, "chill out and rather use your wasted angry energy on much needed prayers for yourselves , your families, nations of the world and more so for other drivers that suffer with the same road rage that you do."

I pray for all road rage sufferers, that God would help you to settle down in traffic and use the time spent in bumper to bumper situations as special prayer and meditation time for Him. I pray that God would loose on you bags and bags of smiles that will cover your faces and invade your hearts. I pray for your health and happiness. Please forgive me for making a joke of your anger and I pray that God would help me to rather just smile and wave my hand in acknowledgement and allow you to take over what you believe is yours. I pray that God would help me then to pray for you as you drive ahead of me. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Time is moving so fast with weeks seeming like they have very short days. Months are flying by too with each month feeling like they have been cut short.

Its already Valentines tomorrow and we just got over Christmas, wow.

Anyway,as long as we ensure to keep our time for Jesus, the rest of the time is not a problem. After speaking to God and asking Him to guide our day, we should just move with Him and trust in Him that our time will be significantly sorted, His way.

May God bless your time as He controls your every step, every breath and every minute of your day.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stop it!

How often do you find yourself saying that, 'stop it?

When someone is doing something that really irritates you, you ask them to stop it, sometimes they will but on other occasions they will not. It becomes so irritating that you may even walk away or even raise you voice at them.

Then in reverse, you may be doing something that really irritates someone and they ask you to stop, do you, or do you ignore their pleas and carry on?

How often do you pray the same prayers, asking God the same old same old, as if He forgot about you asking already. Do you think He gets irritated and asks you to stop?

I don't think so because otherwise He would walk away from us and we would definitely feel the effects of that. He would never tell us to stop asking if we ask within His will and He understands that sometimes we have issues that we so badly need sorted, that we can't help but to keep asking for His help. He loves us and does not get irritated when we pray and ask within His will.

So the next time you ask someone to 'stop it' when they are in need, do as Jesus would and reassure them that you heard and will try to help, instead of walking away or raising your voice.

However, if there is someone poking you in the side, not stopping when you ask them to 'stop it', and irritating you beyond irritations, its OK to raise your voice a bit as you tell them to, 'stop it', and to walk away is exactly what I would do.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

God Knows!

There are so many Christians who walk this earth with their own perceptions and beliefs of how we should act and behave as followers of Jesus Christ.

Some believe that marriage is an absolute no no which is wonderful for them because there are many sinful ways that they will naturally avoid. This helps their minds to be clearer and more focused on God.

Some believe that its about the clothes you wear that makes you a true follower.

Some believe going to church 2 or more times on a Sunday, attending every church meeting during the week, going to more than one bible study group a week and so on, that they are doing it right.

Some believe that reading their bible every day without fail will be their ticket into heaven.

Oh, and the list could go on forever, because there are so many different perceptions.

Sure enough, I agree that our dress code should be appropriate but not ridiculous, and that going to church is very important for growth and fellowship. I think a bible group is awesome and that reading God's word is imperative.

However, I truly believe that it is most importantly, above everything, about the state of our heart, about the love we have for Jesus Christ, about our admiration and joy of His presence in our lives. I believe that when we accept Him as our first and foremost in everything, that everything else just falls into perspective. When you love Jesus and read and understand His laws, its easy to fall in line with His expectations of our lives.

So, if others try to smother you with their beliefs and their ways, ask God to intervene and reveal the truths to you because.........., God knows!

Monday, February 05, 2007


What a wonderful feeling when we achieve a goal, when we reach the end of a project, when we grasp the concept of a learning curve, etc!

It's a feeling of adequacy and fulfillment. Its a feeling that you will definitely strive to feel again and again because of the sheer pleasure it derives.

Now in saying all that, I would imagine that its the same feeling God has when we reach out and accept Him as our Father and Lord. He must feel joyful adequacy too as He brings more and more of us into His wonderful hope of eternal life.

So, as you feel the enjoyment of adequacy, also strive to give your creator, God our Father, the same experience by giving yourself to Him in totality. He too will then enjoy the awesome sensation of adequacy.

Lets pray: Lord Jesus, thank you for opening your arms to receive us, as we stretch out and allow you the rightful feeling of adequacy, as we surrender ourselves to you. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Vipers & Venom!

We are living is such a viper invested venomous world and I'm not talking about reptiles either.

Just sit back sometime, in a place where you can shut down and give a listening ear. Five times out of ten, you will hear how people are hurting because of others selfish, cruel, vindictive and careless behaviour.

Sometimes it can actually feel like you're sitting in a nest full of venomous vipers with the victims all around you.

Even in our own families, there is sometimes such unnecessary disputes, upsets, and feuds which only end in bitterness and sometimes even hatred. So much so that families disperse away from each other with no more contact whilst here on earth, how very sad.

However, after you have listened to all that, find a quiet place, bow you head, hands together and ask God to touch you, to hold you, to fill your mind with His love. Ask Him to be with you and to cover you with the blood of Jesus and He will reveal to you the reality of REAL unconditional, untainted pure love.

So, although there may be venomous vipers lurking all around, just know that Jesus is bigger and stronger than any ugly evil force that tries to interfere with our lives. And if your family on earth abandons you, don't worry because your Heavenly Father will never abandon you for as long as you live according to His will which is all about love, kindness, honesty and tranquility.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Have you ever felt butterflies after doing something new.

Like say for example you're an artist who does portraits, and have done many upon request without any inhibitions. You feel confident in doing that because its what you're used to. However, you do it for basically nothing and for people you know, like a hobby almost.

Then you decide that you want to further yourself with this awesome gift that God has given you and make a career out of it. So you arrange for a public viewing and you send invitations to acquaintances and some you know. You do that with a note attached saying " no obligation but please let me know if you are not interested".

All of a sudden you feel butterflies because this is new to you and maybe there will be many that say, "not interested". Its a horrible feeling.

Well, I did just that today. I sent out my first weekly devotional to many in my address book with a note saying, "if you are not interested then please just send a 'no thanks' because there is no obligation". Wow, the butterflies have been there all day because suddenly I feel that I am doing something that is actually not good enough to share.

But you know what, I have overcome that feeling because God reminded me that it is not a 'self' thing that I am involved in. It is a gift from Him and He is my author so what are the butterflies for? He would never allow me to send out work and embarrass myself. I trust in His comfort and will not be bothered if 90% of my recipients say "no thanks', because its their loss, not mine. Its inspirational words from God which He has given me the honor to share.

So, the way I look at it now is, the butterflies don't belong to me, they belong to anyone that will deny themselves a little spiritual uplifting and a weekly bible reading. I did not write the bible and its not about me either, its about God, His Son and Holy Spirit. Anyone who does not feel the need to delve into His word is missing out on their hope in Him!