Thursday, November 01, 2007

I Am in Him!
This is a picture of a group of people that I am having the pleasure of paticipating in an Alpha course with.

We have just enjoyed the 'weekend away' part of the course, and what an awesome time we had. What wonderful people, and what a great reason to be together, to learn about who, what and why God is.

The one thing I am learning, especially after our weekend away, is how to feel free in the character God made me, in Him. There are times in my life when I have felt embarrassed of my outgoing, sometimes wild personality, which has reduced me to behave like the mouse I am not. When this happens, I feel wrongfully dubbed, and can easily come across as a miserable piece of boring person. All because I see 'The Look' or even hear 'The Look', which I believe often causes my low self esteem.

However, it would seem that God is placing me in situations and with people who give me the ease to feel free about who I am in Him, like our awesome Alpha group. I believe God needs us to behave as He made us because how else can He enjoy what He created. I feel this is a problem with society on a whole because so many, like me, feel the need to impress man as opposed to the God who created us. We are not here for mans enjoyment, but rather for the enjoyment of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I love bright happy colours, I love my family, I love people, I love expressing joyful expressions both physical and verbal, I love all nature, the animals, flowers, sunshine, raindrops, and most of all, I love my Lord Jesus Christ. I enjoy sharing the continuous happy bubbles that patiently float inside my spirit before they exit and burst and spread their full glorious joyful, and often loud contents. I feel I have a playful but harmless mischevious spirit from God, which some label as childish, but I claim as funloving.

The point I'm trying to make is that God wants us to be in Him what He desires, He wants us to express who we are in Him. He made some quite which is great, some loud which is also great, some come across as boring, but they too are great to Him. So whatever you may be, don't worry about the opinion of man, rather be who you feel you need to be in Jesus, and give Him all the glory for making you perfectly for His own desires. You are perfect in God, just as I am in Him too.
Just imagine if we were all the same
If we all answered to a common name
What kind of world would this be
If I looked at you and saw me
How would we look and talk
If we all had the same kind of walk
Just think it would drive us mad
If one were we would all be sad
So lets be thankful we’re not the same
Cause if we were it would be such a shame
Lord, we thank you that You made us all different, for Your specific purpose. Those You made serious for maybe logical behaviour, and those whom you made playful to brighten dull days. Lord, whoever we are and whatever our character, we pray that we would forever strive to be what and who we are in You. In Jesus name we pray, amen.