Thursday, March 29, 2007

So Much!

Wow, long time no visit. Great to be back blogging.

So much has happened. Sadly, my cocker spaniel had to be put down. She had gone completely deaf, was partially blind, incontinent and the deciding factor was when her back legs collapsed.

When I look back I feel kinda selfish, where was her quality of life in the last days. However, in saying that, the worse she got the closer her and I grew. I just wanted to sit with her all the time to let her know how much I loved her, so much. Anyway, she must now be in heaven with all the rest of my pet family.

I reckon God must behave in more or less the same way when He sees us down. I would imagine He sits closer and holds on tighter just to let us know how much He loves us.

So, when you're feeling at the end of your tither, just know that God is closer to you at times like that because He needs you to feel safe in Him.

He loves us So Much.