Thursday, November 30, 2006

I am currently participating in an awesome Christian Writers Workshop. I completed this exercise and enjoyed the writing experience. It was a timed exercise, adapted from a short passage, which needed elaboration in my own words. It is a message I thought needful to share just because of how it boasts God’s mightiness and truth. I have not added or taken away, merely edited grammar & spelling.
Kill me in the flesh!
The world has denied me my rights as a writer for God by imprisoning me to a life sentence. I have no defense but only God knows the truth and He will deliver me from the wraths bestowed before me. God has given me ten minutes for the rest of my life, to tell you what this sentence means to Him and me.
Although I will no longer be able to write about Him and share my testimonies, I still have a voice and more so still have the light of Jesus in my heart. I need to share that although I may die in the flesh, I will never die in the spirit.
I will never forget the changes in my life; God my Father changed a life that was destined to be miserable. I learnt about His truth and His desire to have me sit with Him in Heaven with His Father. I have learnt, since I have walked with Him, that to die of the flesh, will never mean that I die of the spirit.
You, the world can do what you want but you will never be able to take my spirit captive away from God. He is my eternal peace; He saved me, and He will never leave me. So go ahead, do what is pleasing to you, live in your world of deceit and allow me my peace with Jesus Christ. He suffered more than I will ever suffer; He endured pain, unimaginable pain, for you and me. If you know Jesus like I do then you too will know the message I have.
I would urge all of you to learn about Him and receive His promise just as I did. Then when the day comes for Him to retrieve His children into His heavenly realms, we can meet again and you will know that I was speaking the truth. God is my truth and my light and although I am destined to spend the rest of my life in a dark dungeon, it will never be like the dungeon I was in before I met my loving Jesus Christ. I will never again fear the dark because I have His light within me.
Please people of the world, hear what I am saying and give over your pagan ways so that you too may know no fear of this world and its trials. God is calling all of you to enter His space; He is our creator and does not like to see us wasting away.
Imagine you paint a beautiful picture, do you hang it proudly, admire it, and look after it or do you just sit back and watch it rot away. No, you would look after it and that is how God is with us, He wants us to stand proud in His honor. He wants us to show ourselves off as His marvelous creation.
Listen to these words permitted for me to write and take heed, you will never look back and you will forever be happy living in God’s presence and His way. Go tell your family and all your friends, read His word and confirm what I am saying. I am not going to die as the world thinks.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Does being a Christian...

...mean I have to stop living? On the contrary, although many would disagree.
You see, when you live in and of the secular world, the fruits of all the forbidden are deliciously tasty, but also detrimental to your health. Those that consume excessive alcohol suffer with their livers. Then those that smoke heavily suffer with different diseases of the lungs together with stained teeth and unpleasant breath. Those that indulge in multiple sex partners are vulnerable when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases and consequences of unsafe sex. Those that delve into pornography suffer with relationships because they are unable to focus on what they have because they want more, which causes them to commit offenses with other partners and so on. Criminals suffer with the consequences of being caught and locked up.
However, the most serious painful effect of living this kind of life is your conscience, something we all have and something that the Holy Spirit will keep convicting. Many take heed of this and allow God to deliver them but sadly, many too ignore it and so continue with their dreadful existence.
Because I lived a secular life and now live a God filled life, I am witness to what a better and awesome life I have now compared to where I was. I would not go back, not for anything because for the first time ever, I feel life, I love life, I have freedom of life and best of all, I have a God-filled life. I am living and love it!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why does life have so much pain
That leaves us feeling sad
Why does the hurt just remain
And make us feel so bad
Why can’t we be just like Jesus
In all the things we endure
Why can’t we do things that please us
And have happiness that’s pure
Why can’t we release all our pride
And hand over all to our Lord
Why can’t we trust in his stride
When he’s able to endure the sword
…Because we can but didn’t try!
Colossians 3:16
"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord."

Monday, November 27, 2006

Empty Promises & Windbags!

Have you ever had someone ask you to produce something for him or her? Say like you’re an engineer and they ask for a price for 300 balustrades, or you’re a glass engraver and they ask for 200 sets of 6 glasses with the big five, or you’re a writer and they ask you to write a book for them and so on.

You walk away with a smile around you whole head. You imagine the finished product with your name on it, the exposure you will receive, the admiration form onlookers or readers and of course the financial benefits. You dream about it, eat it, drink it, talk about it and prepare to show your enthusiast a prototype or sample.

You tell so many of this wonderful job, about how you were approached and how you have been waiting for a break through like this one. Your excitement is beyond any you imagined.

Prototype/ sample ready, and you make that call or visit with excitement ringing in your head like a busy buzzing bee in a honeycomb. Your smile still wrapped around you head.

Your enthusiast answers or acknowledges with a huge pin, which they carelessly use to deflate your balloon. Either they forget who you are, do not recall their proposal, or they move the goal posts and make the proposal you accepted a new impossible task.

Bags of win and empty promises, traits that many a man can claim as their own. If this has happened to you, like it has to me, do not worry because it is not the end of the world.

Turn to God and ask him to lift your deflated balloon off the ground. Ask Him to help you understand man, His creation of which many deliberately disrespect Him and His ways. Sit quietly and just listen, He will tell you to be still as the Holy Spirit ministers’ peace into your heart, a peace that only God can give.

You will realize that man is man and that is exactly what you are too. That there is none perfect and all of us hurt others in some way or another, even if it is unintentional, we all do it. When you reach this truth, you will then be able to laugh at your behaviour, which was because of your keen anticipation of things yet to come.

The only promise you must ever believe in is God’s promise, His promise of your gift of eternity with Him, now that’s worth getting excited over, without the anticipation, because it’s really real, without emptiness or windbags.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Little Warriors!

Today was the last day of my leadership in Promiseland, after teaching my grade 4 girls for 2 years. It was a sad moment saying good bye, but not so sad knowing that I would still be around. I will still see them on Sundays when I attend church but I will miss being with them knowing how awesome my time there was.

I loved the children's worship because all the songs are action songs. It allowed me to feel free with my emotions, to jump around like a hooligan in absolute freedom, with no worries of who is watching me. The reason being is that as leaders, we were there to encourage the children to enjoy singing for Jesus. To show them how much fun loving Jesus Christ is. I believe I was the oldest leader but I'm sure younger at heart than many there.

Children are a gift from God, a gift given for us to lead. Why not start them off with joyful hearts, not only at church but at home and in schools. Teach them how to love loving God and His music and His ways and His followers and more so, His word.

Its the light of life knowing Jesus, a light that will shine forever, a light to share with our little warriors in Christ. Join in and be a warrior for Jesus, be yourself in Him and allow Him to be Himself in you.

Lord Jesus, thank you for loving us, for giving us such joys in knowing you and living for you. I pray for all the little children of this world, that they would find you and become little warriors for you. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I am living proof that you should not wait to invite God into your life, because life on earth is too short to be unhappy.

My life, since I took God in as my best friend, has never been better. My mother prayed for my happiness and that I would find the man that God had chosen for me, settle down and make God the centre of my life. I was disobedient and blinded through choices of my own because all that time God was reaching; I turned my face from His light.

Although my mother prayed for me, she did not know how to talk to me, that is why I am writing; so that you can hear the truth, I did not see. Please hear my truths, take God’s hand now and you will never look back.

My mother was essential for God‘s work, she was my lifeboat to fulfillment. I need you to absorb this message so that your lifeboat of fulfillment can be God Himself.

Friday, November 24, 2006


You’re trapped in a web of deceit
So tightly that you’ve no self esteem
You’re too scared for the world to meet
And what you say is not what you mean
You’re used and taken for granted
And you take it for fear of being alone
You have to look at life where you started
And realise that to success you are prone
Just remember you have one shot at life
And where you end up is what you choose
You can start by ending your strife
So make up your mind, will you win or lose

ECCL 10:10
“But wisdom brings success”

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Quit or commit?

Don't know how you feel, but if I undertake to do a project of sorts, I like to remain loyal and committed. Even thought the project may prove tiresome and tiedious, and the thought of quitting enters my head, I percevere to remain committed.

I've been working with children aged between 10 and 13. These children have been taking part in rehersals for a play that I wrote, a play that is due to feature on the 30 November. There have been many pass through who have not committed to practice times, which has been dealt with as other aspiring actors have taken over. No harsh feelings from them or I have been adopted, as I understand, it was not their calling, they just had to try it to find out for themselves.

However, being a parent, I have struggled to achieve my goals with these children. They are aware that I am not on the teaching staff and therefore have no real authority over them, wow, have they taken advantage.

So, today was one week before the production. I had a teacher move in to assist me. She could not believe how disruptive they were and that many had not learnt their scripts. In so doing, she made new rehersal times to fit in with her agenda. Unfortunately for the children, this interferred with many of their end of year parties, which caused tears and frustration. During this there was one in particular that made his emotions loud and clear, "I am quitting." My calm reaction, "that's ok, we will find a replacement." I was disappointed but what could I do, he made a choice and I had to accept it. Maybe he will regret his decision, but the show must go on and replacing him was a necessary requirement.

This brings me to commitments that I make with God. Commitments that have sometimes caused much stress on me and those around me. And yes, I have gone before God and told Him I want to quit. But His reaction is not the same as ours. He would never tell me it's ok, that He can replace me. Rather, He allows us to behave badly and then waits for us to come crawling back. I know I do, after I realise that actually, my initial commitment to Him was what counted, not the desires of my own heart. How awesome to know that we have a God that will NEVER replace us. (of course this is not an invitation to abuse His loving kindness.)

Knowing God and walking close to Him, has taught me more about commitment and the loyalty that goes hand in hand. He has taught me to respect my commitments, that to commit and then quit is just not on. Within His power, we can achieve instead of leave.

Titus 1: 3
"but has in due time manifested His word through preaching, which was committed to me according to the commandment of God our Savior."

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

If God's not in it, you won't win it!
This is a fact..., not theory.., fact. Life without God just does not function properly. Hiccups are prevalent in a life with or without God, the difference being that without God you will fall, with nobody to pick you up for a second chance. With God, He will pick you up after a fall, comfort you, and guide you in the right direction, big difference.
Try it out for yourself if you don't believe me. All you have to do is ask Him to move into your space and He will, for as long as you ask with respect that is. God is a superior being, the mightiest ever and deserves our utmost respect.
When you have achieved His attention, try Him out, I promise you will never fall without a buffer again. Although He allows us to make our own choices, with Him included in your daily life, you are assured a way out, a loving way out.
Moral of this story, if you need to win, invite God in!
Lord Jesus, thank you for being a part of our lives, for picking us up after we fall, for being our truth and the only way. In Jesus name, we pray, amen.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

God's Diversity...
I am so thankful that our God is such a creative God, that He made everything and everyone in this world different. Just imagine how boring life would be, if we were all the same...
What would we talk about..., ourselves all the time...?
Just imagine if we were all the same
If we all answered to a common name
What kind of world would this be
If I looked at you and saw me
How would we look and talk
If we all had the same kind of walk
Just think it would drive us mad
If one were we would all be sad
So lets be thankful we’re not the sameCause if we were it would be such a shame
Thank you Lord Jesus, for your creations all so different and exciting, for giving us reason to converse about many different things. Amen.

Monday, November 20, 2006

When I sit and think of this life
I wonder where we are going
There are battles, famine and strife
And very little love flowing
Families being separated by divorce
And countries with no strong hold
There seems to be a strong force
That won’t allow peace to unfold
So what I suggest we do
To overcome all this anguish
Is get praying yes me and you
And allow God His work to finish

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Temptation, phew....scary... but safe in God!
Living for God is absolutely awesome . Its a feeling of freedom, safety, a desire to be obedient and more.
But, there can be hiccups, those weak points that evil forces try and get you back with. Temptations..., scary..., but when you live by faith, you are almost 99.9% safe. Well, I can to date, brag that my faith in God, has kept me safe.
I get tempted with different things that I used to do when I lived of the world. I feel myself being dragged in, I feel my blood pressure rising because I know I don't want to be there but then..., maybe just one more time. Oh my gosh, close but safe, phew! Saved by the grace and love of God.
It is at times like these when I give praise and thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ. I believe He sees us, sits and waits to see if temptation will win and as He sees us falling, He reminds us of who we are now, and manages to bring us back to Him. Wow, how awesome that God loves us so much that He would keep His hand over us always, saving us from the nasty fall into Hells arms. .
Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You for Your grace, for Your mercies over us sinners. Father God, we pray that You would always keep a strong hold over us, that You would not allow us to fall. We choose to stay within Your safety net of love, peace, joy, faithfulness, obedience, self control, patience, kindness, goodness and gentleness. Let us live by Your word as You continue to fill us with the fruits of the spirit. In Jesus name, we pray, amen.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wish I knew....

This is a poem that I was sent over the email. A poem I have since found out, was written by an African American lady. Wow, how I wish I knew her, what an honor it would be to know someone with such depth in faith, with such an understanding of what Christians really are, with such an intimately awesome love of who she is in Christ.
This must clearly be the most wonderful explanation ever of what we as Christians are, contrary to the persecution we often undergo. Whoever you are, if you ever read this, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This poem I'm sure, has given many the faith to go on with their faith in Christ Jesus.
When I say…”I am a Christian”,
I’m not shouting I’m clean livin’
I’m whispering I was lost,
Now I’m found and forgiven.

When I say…”I am a Christian”,
I don’t speak of this with pride,
I’m confessing that I stumble
And need CHRIST to be my guide.

When I say…”I am a Christian”,
I’m not trying to be strong,
I’m professing that I’m weak
And need HIS strength to carry on.

When I say…”I am a Christian”,
I’m not bragging of success,
admitting I have failed
And need God to clean my mess.

When I say…”I am a Christian”,
I’m not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible
But God believes I am worth it.

When I say…”I am a Christian”,
I still feel the sting of pain,
I have my share of heartaches
So I call upon His name.

When I say…”I am a Christian”,
I’m no holier than thou,
I’m just a simple sinner who
Received God’s grace somehow.

ource unknown

Friday, November 17, 2006

Just a prayer.......

Its late, I'm tired and I sit here with a blank mind. So, no story tonight, just a prayer...

Father God, thank You for this day that You gave us, for keeping close to us at all times. Thanks for all our blessings big and small, for the Holy Spirit within us, for our meals, petrol, health, safety, our homes, our families, for everything, we give thanks. Lord Jesus, may You send legions of angels, to stand wingtip to wingtip, around our homes, cars and families, protecting us from evil forces. We pray that You would continue to bless us as we continue to praise and worship You and give You glory for all. Father God, we love You so and pray that You stay close forever. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

In this world so full of evil
God is our only saving grace
He can save us from the peril
Of becoming a shameful disgrace
So take time in prayer each day
And be specific within His will
Know what you need to say
And your troubles He will still
2Corinthians 12:9
"And He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my stregth is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's about what you are, not what you got!

So often in life, we look at others for what they have. We see a man driving the latest mercedes and we assume that he has class, that he would offer etiquette, good manners and of course the know how on everything you need to know. He looks clean shaven and dresses in a way that impresses you further. Wow, you look on as if he is some sort of hero. The girls look on and can only wish in their dreams.

Then you see a man in rags, no shoes and his hair is so matted. Probably has not had a bath for months. You look at him with disgust. Your thoughts are probably to move away from him as fast as possible. You envisage germs jumping from him as he stands across on the road, onto you. You think that he is in this position because he knows nothing, he probably has no manners and look at him, definitely no etiquette. The girls look on with disgust and move away as fast as possible.

I wonder what would happen if you put them into a room, talked to them, questioned their values, their beliefs, their dreams? What would you learn, how would you feel, who would win your heart?

Think about it, first impressions can be very deceiving and this is often what causes many to fall. So maybe you should look further and deeper and see who they are, before you judge them on what they got.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Its really sad to watch someone you love going down deeper and deeper into dark places. Places of doom and gloom that I would imagine replicate Hell. Dingy, miserable, dark, lonely and very painful.
Then when you try and talk some sense into their dilemma, they believe that you are criticizing them and they take immediate offense. However, you are trying to get them to make responsible decisions, decisions that will move them out of that hellhole.
This causes them to pull away from you which is bad for them because they don't have another crutch. What do you do?
Call on Jesus, He is your only hope in situations like this. Pray to Him and trust that He will show you how to bring them into a brighter place, closer to Him.
Lord Jesus, thank you that You are so close and forever watchful over us and ours. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Gifts in genes!

I have had so much fun this evening with my daughter. She had a project that needed to be completed by tomorrow. The project was to make 2 puppets, a stage and to write a script.

Firstly allow me to tell you that I am gifted in the creative arts. I love craft work and can see masterpieces in somebody elses junk. I work a lot with garden foliage and anything else that I deem interesting. I do flower arranging, greeting cards, pictures, light features and so on. I also love writing and drama is something I find very interesting and fun.

Anyway, initially my daughter sat slumped over saying, "mom, I have this to do and I don't know what to do or how to do it." I gave her some ideas, started her off with easy puppet ideas, gave her script story ideas , helped her with a stage and then left her on her own. I kept telling her that she has great abilities and she must expose them. I just kept on encouraging her and affirming her work and wow. You should see what she came up with, so awesome. I am so proud of her efforts, efforts that will surely earn her good marks.

I have learnt that the gift of creative arts truly runs in our genes, because my mom was also very creative.

Lord Jesus, thank You for our gifts, given by You to use for Your glory. I pray for Cherise, that she would give thanks to You and use her gift for Your glory too. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Party in Heaven!

Without a doubt, the angels had a party in heaven today. I can imagine that they were praising God and worshiping as if at a live gospel concert. The reason for this is...wait, let me jump ahead before I say why. In fact I'm sure as I write that you will work it out for yourself.

Today in Promiseland, awesome things happened. We had our lesson as usual and each week we have a topic that we talk about. We give the relevant bible verses and stories. There is a drama or illustration on what our children will learn about. This week our topic was salvation. The Supervisor, with the help of an intern, did an illustration. It showed a small stickman, a big stickman, a stone representing sin and a cross. The idea was that the cross of Jesus takes away our sin and can be the bridge between God and us. We have to choose that though, it does not just happen on its own.

In my small group, I talked to my girls, seven in total today, about salvation. Whilst we each made our own crosses, I asked if any had given their lives to Jesus, none had. I asked if any wanted to and all seven said yes. So we went into the chapel, I said a prayer which they all repeated and they are now reborn children of Christ. How awesome is that?

Remember that little black book I mentioned in an earlier blog, well in that today, I not only got prayer requests, but thanks to God for taking them in, wow.

That is why the angels had a party, wouldn't you?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for being witness today with the girls in my group that asked you into their hearts. Thank you that you have wiped away their sin and that the blood of Jesus covers them. Thank you Jesus for your amazing grace. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

I've been having one of those, miss my loved ones kind of day. Do you ever have them? This poem is meant to fill us with peace, as the title depicts.
Although our loved ones move away
Leaving an empty and sad space
We trust that God was in their way
That He was standing in their face
And as we dwell on this thought
Knowing God is constantly near
We will know its peace He sought
And our loss we should not fear
So although our hearts still feel pain
And our eyes shed tears of sorrow
We must know our loss was God’s gain
And peace be ours if Him we follow

EPH 2:14
“For He Himself is our peace”

Friday, November 10, 2006

How many Hits?

I tell you, I get so stressed when I watch loved ones getting hit over and over and over, causing them to go down, down, down. What is it, why do people just sit back and take it, knowing full well that they could change their lives.

I have been sitting back, just pouring out love and more love. I have not pushed the 'God' issue but have not kept quiet about Him in my life. I have never pushed or caused any to leave my company. Today though I could not keep quiet.

We had an accident in our family, not serious but serious enough, a vehicle written off. This was about the fourth blow in 2 weeks. I called up and said, "right, enough is enough, how many hits are you going to take before you give in to God, before you allow Him to take over?" The answer was, "I am being taken to church on Sunday." Awesome, one baby size one step forward is better than any steps backwards. Now I will pray for God to work His miracles, for His merices and for His love to settle in the hearts of those that are keen to give in and give it up to Him.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your grace and mercy, for allowing us all a chance to grasp your holiness. I pray Father God for all those out there that know they should move into your space but are not. I pray that they would move today Lord, and start a new life with you as their leader. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hugs galore!

Have to share something so awesome and it goes like this.

I am a leader at our Sunday Promiseland, and I am responsible for the 10 year old girls. There are about +- 15 of them. I have been there now for two years and love it to pieces. Every Sunday I walk in there, I feel a high in my spirit, a high for the innocence of all the children and their desire to be there. One of the main highlights for me is when my girls see me, nearly every one of them, including their little sisters, come running towards me and we share big hugs, I love it. I am sadly leaving year end due to other commitments and I have been receiving little letters, such sweet loving letters. I will miss my place there extremely and most of all, my girls.

Then I have written the end of year play for my daughters junior school and am consequently directing it to. Again, I am obviously working with young children, approximately +- 40 of them, whom I meet with every Friday afternoon. There are many from this group that run to me as they see me and we share big hugs too. I have received a loving letter from this group too. My time there will end after the play and I will again miss my children so very much.

I am helping out with the Thursday swimming training and am responsible for the younger group. Today as I walked towards the pool area, I saw little bodies come charging towards me and again big hugs were shared. This group however, might still be on the agenda for next year, unless of course the school brings in a pro, something I am not. Then I will be missing them too.

A hug is a loving touch
A hug should be given without reason
A hug just means so much
A hug should be more than a season

God is so awesome, He changed my heart and He changed me. When you think where I started off with little children, and where I am today. If you are wondering what I am talking about, then you should go to This is the downloadable outreach magazine, 'Reflections', that I write for. Amongst many other awesome Christian writers works, are mine too, testimonies, stories and devotionals. If you enjoy reading then you should visit the site, its fantastic healthy God driven works for great reading.

Psalm 27:3
"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward."

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Left in 2003!

My dear mother passed away from Lukemia on the 31 January 2003, after many months of suffering. By destructive means, my mother was somewhat distant from me for many years, a distance that I could never understand. It caused deep pain, pain caused by feelings of rejection and visual knowledge of favouritism.

However, God was instrumental in her last seven months as He drew her and I closer than we had ever been. She cried many tears, regretted much, with many truths unveiled. She shared things that I will take to the grave with me, and I have God to thank for saving me from revengeful truths.

I miss her so much and would love to share where I am in my life today, with her. She was instrumental in bringing me to God, as you may have read in a previous post on my blog. I know it is said that time heals, but I can honestly say, that when you need someone you need them, and when they are not there to respond to that need, it hurts, really bad. This is a poem I wrote for her whilst I watched her slowly withering away. I read it to her in her hospital bed:

If I could give you health
And take away your pain
I would do it with stealth
And rejoice in your gain
If I could give you more years
And be with you in all
I would take away your tears
And with you stand tall
If I could turn back time
And fill you with joy
I would make you feel fine
And let you enjoy this new ploy
If I could stop you being sad
And give you a life so bright
I would make you so glad
And help you enjoy this new plight
If I could I surely would
And I would do it all
But I think it’s time I should
Respect that maybe it’s God’s call
If I could know this for sure
And be at peace about you
I would know no better cure
Is ever going to do
If I could hear God’s voice
And see his beautiful smile
I would know it’s the best choice
Cause to him you’re so worthwhile

ACTS 5:39
“But if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it”

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Was it the Queen.? No
Was it the president.? No
Ok so it must have been a distressed Comrades runner.! No

So who was it being escorted through the debris and spectators on the 16 June, right in the midst of the Comrades marathon?

It was Cheryl, a distressed mother desperate to get Cherise, her chronic asthmatic daughter to the hospital emergency rooms for emergency medical treatment.

This is the true story on how it all happened;

The whole family and a friend were packing and preparing to go away for the long weekend. Suddenly Cherise had one of her asthma attacks. Nothing serious to begin with, as she sat on her nebulizer at home with me very close by monitoring. Cherise then decided that her nebulizer was not helping and in desperation, in between trying to gasp for air, she let me know that this was one of those emergency room situations. Well, it was the Comrades marathon and I had heard that roads were going to be closed, but where. Coming from Zimbabwe, I was not sure of the Comrades route so I phoned our security link up control room, and requested an escort to the hospital for a medical emergency. Security reacted by saying no problem they would send a vehicle ASAP.

Whilst parked on the roadside, desperately praying and waiting for security to respond, Mike, my husband, called me to say that security has called to say they are unable to assist as this was beyond their means, but they were sending an ambulance. Panic set in as we did not have funds to accommodate an ambulance. By this time, my hands were sweaty, shaking and numb on the wheel.

Then one of the the heroes of the day appeared, racing up onto exit 16 to meet me, a security employee. He raced and motioned for me to follow. So the race was on, through red traffic lights, hazard lights on both vehicles flashing. Then the approach of road closure on Stapleton Road. The security employee won with the first policewoman but then seemed to have problems at Old Main Road with the Metro police there. By this time I was in a state as Cherise sat next to me with red cheeks, white face, blue lips and gasping desperately for air. Just then a group of guys on trail bikes in blue uniforms pulled up next to me. I looked up, (tears streaming out of control down my cheeks), at one of the guys who seemed to be the team leader, and pleaded with him to please help. He lifted his visor, took one look at Cherise and then said "follow me."

We became the escorted vehicle in our own little motorcade, up Old Main road towards the hospital, three bikes in front clearing the spectators and traffic, whilst the Security vehicle and the rest of the bikes rode behind. The escort was all the way to the doors of the hospital and as we arrived, a hospital employee ran out with a wheelchair. In desperation I by passed the chair and raced into the emergency room where Cherise was attended to.

Cherise was now in good care so I proceeded back to my unlocked vehicle, which I had left parked outside emergency, only to find all the bikers, who were SAPS, parked around it with their helmets off. They questioned after Cherise and then left to continue their duties. The security officer stayed to ensure that all was taken care of. Whilst all this was going on Catherine, Cherise's friend, had broken down, I moved in to comfort her but was called into the room where Cherise was being treated and the security officer gallantly took over.

The hospital staff were amazed at the entourage arrival of this heroic group and stressed that they thought the president had arrived. Wow, what an amazing experience, what an awesome God, what an awesome Security company, what an awesome security officer and what an awesome Police Force. My thanks will never be enough as they all took time out to save my 10 year old Cherise who was having a chronic asthma attack.

This true story was a scary account to say the least. The last visit before this gallant save was to the ICU where Cherise was put onto heart monitors and 24 hour surveillance.

I had so many prayers going on for her, desperate prayers for her healing, for God to take away her asthma. However, it took for Cherise and her faith to receive answered prayer. She prayed and believed that God was going to take it away from her, she had faith and He had compassion. To date, since June of 2005, Cherise has not suffered another asthma attack, He took it away. God heard her and gave her relief, all because she trusted and believed in Him. What an awesome God we have! Jeremiah 33: 3 is God's number, just in case you need to call on Him.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Backwards, Forwards, Upside, Inside down!
Do you ever get those moments when every thing you say comes out the wrong way, with the wrong letters before the words or the wrong word order in your sentence. We have so many laughs because my dauhgter and I are often guilty of speaking before we think. It is hilarious which causes us to laugh sometimes till we cry. I find it loads of fun and the more we try and concentrate on our speech, the more we mess up. Laughing is a healthy emotion, an emotion that encourages happiness. Even though the laughing causes wet eyes, its wet eyes minus the pain of crying eyes.
In school we used to have laods of fun making up our own languages, for example we would put a 'B' before every word and speak like that. Bow ba boo means how are you. Wow, we used to laugh our socks off and of course we caused much confusion with those who were not involved in our crazy conversation.
Did you know that no matter what language you speak, God understands you and listens to you when you speak to Him. He understands every language on earth and not only understands, but can speak them too. How amazing is that? So even if you mince your words or try make up a language, God understands you, and for as long as you pray within His will, He will answer you in your same native toungue.
1 Corinthians 14:10
"There are, it may be, so many kinds of languages in the world, and none of them is without significance."

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Real Life!
There was a time in my life that I did not have or enjoy a relationship with Jesus, I used to fight every battle on my own, gathering more and more unhealthy, miserable, heavy baggage as I went along. This baggage was my security, it made me feel bitter, fearful, depressed and totally unlikeable. I did not know how to reach out and take advantage of what God was offering, so I stayed cowered in the dark places that I knew. Hiding was one of my favorite pastimes, especailly in the dark.
Then I met Jesus, and although it took me a long time to get over feeling totally inadequate in His presence, I managed to cross the hurdle to allow Him in. My life changed, I started to feel whole and my load was not so heavy anymore, a load that gets lighter as I spend more and more time with Him. Once I gave into Him, He moved into my space very fast to show me what 'real life' is all about. I became a new born child of Christ, and what a life changing awesome experience.
Today I live every day for Him as I strive to obey His laws, and keep away from temptations. Its not an easy life with all the persecution, evil attacks, temptations on weaknesses, living on the straight and narrow and so on, but its a life that I would never change. The closer I grow in my relationship with Him, the easier the walk is, because living the Christian life, with a heart for God, causes me to want to live by the example of Jesus Christ. It is such an awesome life, try it and learn to yearn to live a 'real life' with God our Father!
Lord Jesus, I pray for all those who walk this earth, lost and dreary, looking helplessly for hope in the dark places, Lord that you would shine your light in their space, and reveal your truth to them. Allow them a chance Lord, to learn about a 'real life' with You. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

This gift of mine.

It happens almost every day, like right at this moment. I have no idea what to write about. I then close my eyes and ask God to please intervene and He does. He puts thoughts into my mind and gives me the inspiration to write as He authors.

Somebody said the other day that I am talented, and as much as I appreciated their comment, I replied that "no, I don't have the talent, God does, I merely have the gift of writing for Him." You see, most of the work I write even astounds me. I read through and feel so honoured that I am able to hear and understand when God speaks to me, telling me what to write. I know you may be saying, 'yeah, whatever,' but believe me, it is so real. God is without a doubt my author and has given me the gift of writing for him. I just love this gift of mine.

Oh Lord how I love the gifts you give
That allows us to prosper and grow
Please help us with these gifts to live
Let us remember to use them and know
That to you we owe praise for success
If we use them as we should do
Let us know that it is us you will bless
When we prosper and give thanks to you
Romans 12: 6-7
"Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophecy in proportion to our faith; or ministry, let us use it in our ministering, he who teaches, in teaching."

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Actual fact!
I was sitting after dinner and the most amazing actual fact entered my head. I don't know any Christians who are unhappy or discontent with their lives. In no way do they have problem free lives, but because they have the love and light of Jesus in their hearts, they are able to deal with their problems with a more content attitude, knowing full well that God is in control.
This is the actual fact that struck me, I don't know any non Christians that have happy content lives, fact. They all have the same sort of problems, just like Christians do, but their problems are huge in comparasion, all because they nurse them alone, without the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I sometimes sit and wish that every person alive on this earth today, could feel what I feel with Jesus, the warmth, the peace, the security and the knowing of how special I am to Him. I get so emotional when I really think about me and Him and the relationship we have, the trust, the love, the sincerity, the compassion, the honesty and the peacefulness of knowing that I fear nothing but Him. My fear of God is not a terrified fear, its rather a fear of hurting Him, knowing what Jesus did for us and the huge sacrifice God made. I cringe when I know I have sinned, because of the pain that our Father and Son endured for us. I will pray for you to meet with me in God's space, you will never want to leave, I promise, actual fact.
Lord Jesus, thank you for allowing us born sinners, to be a part of your awesomeness, for forgiving us of so very much. Thank you for loving us without condition and for the most wonderful gift ever known to man, the promise of eternity within your heavenly realms. We love you Jesus and forever will. Amen.
Acts 1:4
"And being assembled together with them, He commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the Promise of the Father, "which," He said, "you have heard from Me;"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nearly sad!

I thought that I would not be able to post anything on my blog tonight because I was experiencing technical problems with the Internet. I called the technicians and they could not even figure out what was wrong. They then told me to call Microsoft becasue they felt it was their problem, they were clsoed till morning so I left a message. I prayed "help."Then my husband walked into the office and suggested I turn my PC off and start again, I did, and here I am, and to think he doesn't even get paid for being so clever.

Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing my husband into my space just when I needed him, for giving him to me to love and adore. Father God, thank you for your love of us and for being the centre of my life. I pray for this night, that it be safe and within your loving arms. I pray for my family and for the nations of the world, that you would cover us all with the blood of Jesus as you wash away all evil from our lives. In Jesus name I pray, amen.