Sunday, September 05, 2010

With the Holy Spirit We Go!

This street ministry that I am involved in just gets better and better.

Another amazing night, a 21 year old prostitute who was initially very stand offish with me, eventually submitted, and allowed me to pray with her and she accepted Jesus into her heart. She turned from hard to soft before me and it was beautiful. Nearly two months down the road and she is still off the streets doing well in her new found life with Jesus in the forefront, praise His Holy name!

A taxi driver who was also stand offish like ‘get away from me’, also eventually submitted and allowed me to pray for him. He drove away with a huge smile and waved to me, and although he did not give his life, he willingly took literature that I am praying will touch him, and draw him close to Jesus.

I could go on with so many stories of joy and tell you how the Holy Spirit clearly goes with us on every street visit. Our streets are riddled with violent crime, but it is amazing how safe we all feel, with His presence that covers and leads our every step.

Acts 19:2
He said to them, "Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?"

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