Sunday, September 05, 2010

He Stills my Pain!

My boys have been gone from me now for 8 years, and the pain still oozes big time. They left me at ages 15 and 17, from our Christian home into satan’s big pit of candy coated pooh.

It has been an extremely tough walk for them, and me, and still is, but all I can do is trust that God is in control. I keep praying that one day soon we will all be able to live in the same place again, which is probably why I am continually unsettled. I cannot settle which causes me deep depression.

They keep going through very tough times, and the calls with tears just break me down terribly. To hear them cry helplessly is just the worst.

I keep praying. What more can I do? Without the financial recourses to get to them or get them here, praying is my best option? God knows my heart and He sees what is going on and like he says in Isaiah 18:4 that He is watching, and for that I praise His name.

My hope is in my constant prayers. and I know that Jesus holds my heart and theirs whislt He works for them to find and follow Him forever. He is an Awesome God who will not fail to take care of His beautiful children, Dustyn and Cheyne. He knows how much I love them and He loves them way beyond that, praise His Holy name!

Isaiah 18:4
For so the Lord said to me, "I will take My rest, and I will look from My dwelling place".

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