Sunday, September 05, 2010

Laugh with me!

This is a story I share as one of the most embarrassing but hilarious moments in my life.

I am a mother of 3 and all my children were born of natural birth. My boys weighed in at 3.7 kg’s each and my daughter, who was 7½ weeks premature, weighed in at 1.2 kg’s. After these pregnancies came a weak bladder and as I get older I have to wear a panty pad every day just in case the weakness overtakes control, ha-ha! It rarely does but just in case.

I led bible study, and being the first time with this group, I really had fun preparing. I wrote a poem prayer and printed out the appropriate literature. After I completed my preparation, I was so hot and I ripped my clothes off, laid them on my bed, and put on my costume to go for a swim. When I was done I went to get ready. Hubby was now home and in the shower so I had to wait to get my clothes into the wash and my panty pad into the toilet. So I unstuck the pad from my panties and rolled it up and left it on the bed. I continued to get ready and once we were done we left for study. Of course I forgot about my clothes on the bed.

We arrived at study and I walked in feeling very confident and ready to lead. The host’s kitchen is a long one and the group, all 12 of husbands and wives were standing as usual on the one side whilst the host stood on the other side preparing the coffee and tea. I walked past all of them and met with a lady that was there for the first time, introduced myself, and then carried on to say hi to the dog. By this time I had basically done a 360° and was facing them all side on talking to the dog.

I suddenly got a light tap on my shoulder and the new lady, whispered in my ear, “you have something stuck on your shirt”. I said thanks and felt for it and pulled it off, ha-ha-ha!. Everyone could see in my hand and I stood in total shock, disbelief, just staring at this thing, ha-ha!. There in my hand was my panty pad, unraveled and looking just like what it was, a sticky panty pad. Disbelief took a little while before reality set in and I realized that everyone was watching me, so I rolled it up and said, “oh daughters”, and threw it in the bin. Praise God there was a bin right there, ha-ha!

Nobody said a word and there I sat leading the group in worship etc feeling like a right pad, ha-ha!

Have not seen anyone since then but will do soon, ha-ha! But through this all I realized that God is so kind, it could have stuck to my hand when I threw it away, or it could have been a huge sticky nappy pad, like the elderly have to wear sometimes, or even worse, it could have been a dirty pad. It was clean, small and it did not stick…it could have been worse, ha-ha!

I hope you all had a good laugh like I and many other women had! (I will never wear the same shirt there again…the pad shirt! Ha-ha)

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