Sunday, September 05, 2010

Still laughing!

Ha ha! I tell you what, I am still giggling at my last embarrassing moment which does not end there. I have round 2 of my bible study saga.

The following week, we arrived and I was feeling a bit strange looking at who might be looking at me, the panty pad girl. Of course, the lady who tapped me on the shoulder kept on looking at me and smiling, I politely smiled back. The night went well and I started relaxing as I felt no focus on me. It came to the end of the study and we prayed for all the issues we needed to. We came to the end of that and all said the “amen” that we normally do.

Then, when it was all quite, that awkward time when nobody knows what to say and everyone is stretching and getting ready to get up and go, I gathered unintentional attention once again, ha-ha!

I sneezed, ha-ha! When I sneeze in company I normally suppress the outburst for fear of having my nose fling unwelcome mucus. (This happened once in art at school and it landed all over my best friend’s work of art, awful to say the least, and I had no tissue)

I also take great care to ensure that all air valves are tight in case of bad wind escapes, because again, an embarrassing experience in a busy shopping centre has taught me well. Ha-ha!

However, this sneeze came and my mouth decided to exude a huge fart sound, ha-ha!. Everyone looked at me very fast and all stretches ceased immediately. Hubby shuffled uncomfortably in the chair next to me and I sat there with big eyes, once again, disbelief written all over my reddened face at what just happened, ha-ha! (oh I can’t stop laughing). Nobody said a word, not even “bless you”, and neither did I.

I sat there thinking, if I say something to defend myself they will all think I am lying, and by not saying anything I rendered myself guilty as clearly charged. Ha-ha!

We left the group and driving home we were distracted and I forgot to ask Hubby what he thought. The following evening when he came home I asked him about it and his reply was, “you did fart didn’t you?”

I burst out laughing and realized clearly that if he thought that then so did everyone else, ha-ha-!

What next? Ha-ha!

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