Monday, September 21, 2009

My Lord, my Redeemer... the faithful "I am"!

In May, a situation arose that rendered it necessary for me to go to the UK to be with my boys. They needed me to be close to go through some rough waters with them, and my older son, made it possible for the visit to happen.

When they arrived in the UK in 2002, they walked, as young boys, into a world unfamiliar to what they were used to, without any Godly influence to guide them in the ways they should go, away from the evils that were lurking and anxious to draw them into those deep dark unknown places. Because of this, they spent many years enduring pains and situations that they did not deserve. They were forced to grow up before their time. It has been a long tough journey and I praise God for the young men they have turned out to be, because, with all they have suffered, they are still well mannered, considerate, responsible and decent guys. Sadly, their heart strings have been messed with so loving is not something they do so easy for fear of being torn apart...That's a little history of where they have been and what they have been through.

So, the bottom line is, they have not had any live in or around Christian influences and so drew away from the God that has never left them. Both boys gave their lives of their own free will when they lived in Zimbabwe and so have always had their Creator holding them in the palm of His hands, keeping them safely away from the edges. He has allowed them to run freely in His palm, knowing that one day they would see Him again and return to the place where He needs them to be because He is a faithful and loving God who wants all His children with Him in His Kingdom when Jesus returns.

I believe that God orchestrated my visit for His glory in that He guided me to a specific church that housed a good friend of my older son. I went to the church on my own and my son, on picking me up, met this friend who thereafter invited him to a mens breakfast. He went along and took his brother, my younger son, and his dad with him. This was the start of a beautiful new begining. This all happened after I had been and left again.

Since all this, my younger son, who once suggested that he would like to be a pastor when he grew up, has recommitted his life to His Father and Lord, Jesus Christ, and is loving being in the hub of fellowship with other Christians who love Jesus too. He is moving forward at a rate of knots that only God can control and it is absolutlely wonderful. Without a doubt, God is drawing my older son in and I know that in His time, he will find the joy in the Lord that he so needs.

I am very proud of my boys and my beautiful daughter who loves Jesus and follows His will in her life. I am so very blessed and I thank my Jesus, my Redeemer, my Lord and Creator for His faithfulness in bringing my boys, His children, back to the place that they need to be in Him.

Lord Jesus, thank You for the unconditional love that You have for us and for never letting go of Your own. Your faithfulness is a saving grace and is what I hold onto very tightly because it is in You that I trust and You alone. You are an amazing God and I pray that we would forever rememeber this in everything we do say and think and I pray that we would forever rightfully glorify Your name and never forget that You are in control.Thank You for the life I enjoy in You and for the blessings of my husband and children whom I love so dearly I love You Jesus and I pray all this in Your precious name, amen.

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gem16 said...

Hi Cheryl,

I just decided to check my friends' blogs and found that you had written an entry today! What a blessing to hear of your journey and the re-newed journey your two sons are on. May God restore their joy and repair their hearts!
Love you!